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Mohammad Mansouri Majoumerd { "honorific-suffix": "Stipendiat", "fn": "Mohammad Mansouri Majoumerd", "tel": "Telefon: 51832299", "email": "" }

Avdeling/enhet Det teknisk- naturvitenskapelige fakultet
Institutt/senter Institutt for petroleumsteknologi
Rom KE E-380



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Vitenskapelige publikasjoner (fra CRISTin)

  • Mansouri Majoumerd, Mohammad (2015). Investigation on Future Solar Water Heating System, Smart Control, Monitoring and Performance Optimization Tools, and Heat recovery Potential from Isolated Cooling Systems. IRIS Internal Report. 33 s.
  • Mansouri Majoumerd, Mohammad (2014). Integrated Gasification Combined Cycle Power Plants with Focus on Low Emission Gas Turbine Technology. University of Stavanger. ISBN 978-82-7644-584-8. 202 s.
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  • Mansouri Majoumerd, Mohammad; Lohne, Hans Petter; Randeberg, Erlend; Ford, Eric Patrick (2017). Raising the standard of well integrity for high-temperature geothermal wells. CGER; 2017-05-22 - 2017-05-23.
  • Nikpey Somehsaraei, Homam; Ali, Usman; Font Palma, Carolina; Mansouri Majoumerd, Mohammad; Akram, Muhammad; Pourkashanian, Mohamed; Assadi, Mohsen (2017). Evaluation of a Micro Gas Turbine with Post-Combustion CO2 Capture for Exhaust Gas Recirculation Potential with Two Experimentally Validated Models. 2017-06-26 - 2017-06-30.
  • Arild, Øystein; Ford, Eric Patrick; Lohne, Hans Petter; Mansouri Majoumerd, Mohammad; Havlova, Vaclava (2016). A comparison of FEP-analysis and barrier analysis for CO2 leakage risk assessment on an abandoned Czech oilfield. 2016-11-14 - 2016-11-18.
  • Mansouri Majoumerd, Mohammad; Raas, Han; Jana, Kuntal; De, Sudipta; Assadi, Mohsen (2016). Coal quality effects on the performance of an IGCC power plant with CO2 capture in India. 2016-11-14 - 2016-11-18.
  • Zohrabian, Angineh; Mansouri Majoumerd, Mohammad; Soltanieh, Mohammad; Arild, Øystein (2016). Techno-economic comparative study on hydrogen and electricity cogeneration systems with CO2 capture. 2016-06-26 - 2016-06-30.
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  • Zohrabian, Angineh; Soltanieh, Mohammad; Sattari, Sourena; Mansouri Majoumerd, Mohammad (2014). Hydrogen and electricity co-production by auto-thermal reforming of methane with CO2 capture deployment. 2014-04-28 - 2014-05-01.
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  • Sipøcz, Nikolett; Mansouri, Mohammad; Breuhaus, Peter; Assadi, Mohsen (2011). Development of H2-rich syngas fuelled GT for future IGCC power plants – Establishment of a baseline. ASME; 2011-06-06 - 2011-06-10.