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  • Patient safety in mental health
  • Patient experiences
  • Qualitative research
  • Suicidology and suicide prevention
  • Resilience Engineering/ Resilient Health Care

Utvalgte publikasjoner


Berg, S. Aase, K., Rørtveit, K. (2017). Suicidal patients’ experiences regarding their safety during psychiatric in-patient care: a systematic review of qualitative studies. BMC Health Services Research. 17:23

Berg, S., Aase, K., Rørtveit, K., Walby, F. A. (2017). Safe Clinical Practice for Patients Hospitalized in a Suicidal Crisis: Protocol for a Qualitative Case Study. BMJ Open


Konferansebidrag og faglig presentasjon

Berg, Siv Hilde; Rørtveit, Kristine; Walby, Fredrik A; Aase, Karina. Being asked about suicide thoughts and plans: suicidal patients' experiences. Poster, ISQUA, London. 2017-10-01 - 2017-10-04.

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Kurs i forbindelse med PhD arbeidet

Berg, Siv Hilde. Undervisning om suicidalitet, Norsk Folkehjelp Sanitet. 2017-05-29.

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Berg, Siv Hilde. Hvordan møte og forstå et individ i selvmordskrise. Seminar for Norsk Folkehjelp Sanitet; 2014-11-25.

Pågående forskning



Safe clinical practice for patients hospitalized in a suicidal crisis

Ph.D Candidate:

Siv Hilde Berg (Cand. Psychol). Division of Psychiatry, Stavanger University Hospital

Main supervisor:

Professor Karina Aase, Department of Health Studies, University of Stavanger


Kristine Rørtveit (PhD), Division of Psychiatry, Stavanger University Hospital

Fredrik A. Walby (PhD), National Center for Suicide Research and Prevention, University of Oslo

Funding: Helse Vest RHF, nr. 911846


Background: Suicide prevention in psychiatric care is arguably complex and incompletely understood as a patient safety issue. A resilient healthcare approach provides perspectives through which to understand this complexity by understanding everyday clinical practice. By including suicidal patients and healthcare professionals as sources of knowledge, a deeper understanding of what constitutes safe clinical practice can be achieved.

Methods: This planned study aims to adopt the perspective of resilient healthcare to provide a deeper understanding of safe clinical practice for suicidal patients in psychiatric inpatient care. It will describe the experienced components and conditions of safe clinical practice and the experienced practice of patient safety. The study will apply a descriptive case study approach consisting of qualitative semistructured interviews and focus groups. The data sources are hospitalised patients in a suicidal crisis and healthcare professionals in clinical practice.

Ethics and dissemination: This study was approved by the Regional Ethics Committee (2016/34). The results will be disseminated through scientific articles, a PhD dissertation, and national and international conferences. These findings can generate knowledge to be integrated into the practice of safety for suicidal inpatients in Norway and to improve the feasibility of patient safety measures. Theoretical generalisations can be drawn regarding safe clinical practice by taking into account the experiences of patients and healthcare professionals. Thus, this study can inform the conceptual development of safe clinical practice for suicidal patients.




Ph.D. Candidate in Risk management and Societal Safety at the University of Stavanger and a psychologist at Stavanger University Hospital. Background in clinical psychology, organisational psychology and safety science.