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Pavel Gumenyuk { "honorific-suffix": "Førsteamanuensis", "fn": "Pavel Gumenyuk", "tel": "Telefon: 51831911 ", "email": "" }

Avdeling/enhet Det teknisk- naturvitenskapelige fakultet
Institutt/senter Institutt for matematikk og naturvitenskap
Rom KE E-529

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Complex Analysis

, especially Geometric Function Theory

This includes:
  • Loewner Theory in simply and multiply connected domains;
  • Theory of univalent functions and quasiconformal extensions;
  • Applications to Holomorphic Dynamics and Mathematical Physics;
  • Boundary behaviour of holomorphic dynamical systems.

Utvalgte publikasjoner

The list of publications can be found here.

Pågående forskning

Parametric representation of univalent functions with boundary regular fixed point


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Vitenskapelige publikasjoner (fra CRISTin)

  • Gumenyuk, Pavel (2016). Parametric representation of univalent holomorphic self-maps of the unit disk. INdAM (Istituto Nazionale di Alta Matematica "F. Severi"); 2016-09-05 - 2016-09-09.
  • Gumenyuk, Pavel (2016). Parametric representations and quasiconformal extensions by means of modern Loewner Theory. St. Petersburg State University and Steklov Math. Institute; 2016-10-17 - 2016-10-20.
  • Gumenyuk, Pavel (2016). Quasiconformal extensions of holomorphic functions in the half-plane via chordal Loewner equation. Universitetet i Bergen; 2016-05-09 - 2016-05-14.
  • Gumenyuk, Pavel (2015). Loewner-type representation for conformal self-maps of the disk with prescribed boundary fixed points. University of Bergen;
  • Gumenyuk, Pavel (2015). Quasiconformal extensions via the chordal Loewner equation. Bar-Ilan Univ., ORT Braude College, Univ.of South Florida; 2015-05-10 - 2015-05-15.
  • Gumenyuk, Pavel (2014). Loewner-type Parametric Representation of univalent self-maps with given boundary regular fixed points. Tokyo Institute of Technology; 2014-11-22 - 2014-11-24.
  • Gumenyuk, Pavel (2014). Recent advances in Loewner Theory. University of Oslo; 2014-12-11 - 2014-12-12.