About the UiS Business School

UiS Business School offer study programmes at all three levels – bachelor, master and Ph.D.

The origin for the UiS Business School was the establishment of the Rogaland Regional College in Stavanger in 1969 with a two year program in Business Administration. The regional College became the University College of Rogaland in 1985 and in 1995 changed the name to Høgskolen i Stavanger/Stavanger University College (HiS). The University of Stavanger UiS was established in 2005 when the former Høgskolen i Stavanger (HiS) received university status.

The UiS Business School consists of about 75 faculty members and staff, 750 undergraduate students, 300 graduate students, 100 Executive MBA students and 22 PhD candidates.

Centre for Innovation Research and Center for Entrepreneurship is also associated with UiS Business School.

The UiS Business School offer Bachelor Programmes in Business Administration, Accounting & Auditing, and Law and Master of Science Programmes in Business Administration and in Accounting & Auditing. In additon the UIS Business School  also offer an Executive MBA program.

UiS Business School is one the main institutions in Norway educating students at the masters level in business administration and the schools graduates are particularly sought after in the labour market.

The knowledge and skills the schools graduates acquire during the course of their studies leads them to exciting employment opportunities in the oil industry, the banking and finance sector, accounting, IT, consulting and also in a broad range of central and local governmental positions.

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The UiS Business School have about 750 undergraduate students and 300 graduate students.