Practical information

Welcome to the Intensive Programme "Text, memory and history" at the University of Stavanger ! Here comes some practical information about your stay in Stavanger...

All participants will be staying in Hotel Sverre, more information about the hotel and its location here

Students will be staying two and two in double rooms. Hotel expenses for double rooms are covered by the IP.


If, however, you want a single room, you will have to pay an extra expense of about 40 euro pr. night. This extra cost will not be covered by the IP. If you want a single room, please send a request for this back to Lene K. Hoff.

The hotel is in Sandnes, not in Stavanger. Sandnes is a smaller town, approx. 15-20 min. from the University.

Each student has to book and pay in advance for his or her flight. We will advise you to do so as soon as possible.

Students will also receive a travel pass for bus for all the IP period. From the airport you can use the line 9 to Sandnes City Center. From Sandnes City Center to the University you have to use the line X60.
More information about transport in Stavanger region here


Refundment of travel expenses

We need the receipts in order to refund your travel costs. If you don’t have any receipts, we cannot refund your travel costs.

When you have booked your flight, you can send/scan the bill with the attached form (“Reimbursement of expenses” - you can get the form contacting Lene K. Hoff) to:


Universitetet i Stavanger

v/Camilla Grønås

Humanistisk fakultet,

4036 Stavanger






Other travel expenses related to your travel to or from Norway can be refunded during your stay or after departure from Norway. 

You need help? Contact Lene Katrine Hoff (administrative coordinator) at or Alexandre Dessingue (scientific coordinator) at