The teachers from Lille, Lund and Stavanger

Information about the teaching staff:

Barbara Törnquist-Plewa
PhD in Slavonic studies, since 1997 professor in East and Central European Studies and since 2004 director for the Centre for European Studies, Lund University, Sweden. She is one the scientific director and one of the teachers at the BA and MA programmes in European Studies at Lund University. She specializes in cultural studies and contemporary history focusing on studies of identities, symbols, collective memory and nationalism. Since 2012 she is the leader of the international research network in Memory Studies (ISTME), financed by EU/COST.

Eleonora Narvselius
Ethnologist specializing in Ethnic Studies. Holds a Ph.D. from Linköping University (Sweden) and Candidate of science degree from Kyiv University (Ukraine). Her research has focused on studies of cultural patterns in East Central Europe, nationalism and cultural elites. Her recent project addresses issues of cultural memory in the post-Soviet Ukrainian-Polish and Russian-EU borderlands.

Anamaria Dutceac Segesten
Assistant Professor in European Studies at Lund University (Sweden) and holds a Ph.D. in Political Science from the University of Maryland. Her research interests cover European Union politics, collective identity, political myths and political communication. She teaches extensively in the fields of European Studies as well as on the topic of nationalism, especially in its manifestations on the Balkan peninsula.

David-Alexandre Wagner
Associate Professor at Stavanger University. He is currently teaching history. He holds recently a PhD on the representation of the “banlieue” in French films from 1981 to 2005, and is now working on aspects related to cognition in comics reading and the use of history in comics.


Ketil Knutsen 
Associate Professor and coordinator for history and history didactics at the Department of Languages and Cultural Studies at the University of Stavanger. His teaching and research activities includes history didactics, the use of history and Modern history.  At the present, he works on memory issues in a political perspective in Europe.


Alexandre Dessingué
Associate Professor in cultural and literary studies at the Department of Languages and Cultural Studies at the University of Stavanger. Since 2008 he is the leader of the research area in Cultural Memory Studies (CultMem) in Stavanger and scientific coordinator of the IP “Text, Memory and History”. His teaching and research includes cultural memory studies and cultural history, uses of history, literary and cultural theories.


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