Department of Industrial Economics, Risk Management and Planning

The department offers a Master of Technology (engineering) in four areas; Industrial Economics, Risk Management, Societal Safety, and Urban Development and Design.

The department also offers a Master of Science in Risk Management. The department offers a Doctorate in Risk Management and Societal Safety. The department also offers a Bachelor of Technology (engineering) with an emphasis in Urban Development and Design or Technical Planning.

The staff is organized in three research groups: Industrial Economics, Societal Safety, and Urban Development and Design. The staff possesses high academic qualifications; half of all staff members are qualified as professors. In addition there are many subsidised doctoral candidates that further contribute to the department.

The department research concentrates on several themes including risk analysis and management, industrial economics and petroleum economics, fisheries and aquaculture, city planning and urban design, and societal safety.

Centre for Risk Management and Societal Safety (SEROS) is affiliated with the Department, which also has an Urban design group.

Offices are found in Kjølv Egelands House, 4th floor of the D-building at Ullandhaug.

Photo of a total train wreck.

Risk management is an important aspect of many parts of society, including transport.