Urban Design Group

The University of Stavanger offers education and conducts research in the academic field of urban design.

The creation of any city as a physical form is a creative process by which the social and the physical unite as a cultural artefact. The physicality of the urban environment is an ever-dynamic process evolving in parallel with the broad social components of everyday life. In the complexity of the interconnected global world professional urban planners and designers structure the physical space of the city.

Studying the modern city
Contemporary society is broadly defined as a mobile culture in which local place and tradition have been subsumed by the fluidity of a global culture. Cities continuously reorient themselves, their economies, their industries, their public policy, their infrastructure and their image in an effort to maintain relevance in a global market.

The re-creation of city image as an attractive sustainable place - culturally, economically and ecologically - represents the predominant vision for contemporary cities in the post-industrial or information era.

Education and research
The Urban Design Group provides several degree programmes that respond to this context and aim to create competent young professionals who will be able to contribute towards the stewardship of sustainable places.

In addition to these degree programmes, the Urban Design Group conducts research specific to the complex spatiality of the built environment.