Mission and Purpose

The IP was conceived with four broad objectives.

1. The IP shall reinforce the collaborative relationships and unify the educational cultures of the three partnering institutions. Three summers of architectural workshops and international cultural exchange will create a contextual understanding between the three partners and hopefully lead to future collaborations.

2. The IP shall increase awareness of European culture in three broad arenas: culture as manifest in architecture and urban design; culture as evident in the educational realm; and culture as lived in the everyday interpersonal perspectives. The IP shall emphasize the various aspect of culture through an explicitly qualitative examination of culture in public space.

3. The IP shall emphasize the importance of collaboration and interdisciplinary work. Individual participants will work together in groups and respond to the discourse of culture in the broad interdisciplinary context of environmental design.

4. The IP shall rely upon ICT in three ways: to aid in the preparatory work prior to IP; to improve and document the communicative process during the IP; and to create an enduring innovative educational environment after the IP. Following the completion of the IP an interactive webpage will be created as a life-long learning platform for others to experience.

The proposed IP is targeted at first cycle bachelor students, second cycle master students and professors from the three participating institutions. The IP shall be formally recognized as 5 ECTS by the partnering institutions.

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