Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science

Welcome to the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science!

The department has 27 employees, young of age and/or spirit, who are lecturing and conducting research and development within the area of electrical and computer engineering. In addition we have 9 doctoral students pursuing their PhD's.

The social mind set at the department is including, inviting, and without prejudice.  No questions are too stupid.  The breadth in the technical activity at the department is wide.

The department offers bachelor programs in electrical- and computer engineering, master programs in  computer science and cybernetics/signal processing, and a PhD program in information technology.  The master program in computer science is an international program and is taught in english.

By being a student at our department you get to be a part of our core-values: Creative - Smart - Demanding

We are able to solve difficult tasks if we meet the challenges with creativity.  Thus we have a working environment and a social mind set  allowing people to pop up new ideas.  Assurance is important to give new ideas the chance to flourish.

We are smart, competent and skilful. Smart can describe what we are or what we want to be.  But it can also symbolize ways to behave and ways to think.  We provide smart solutions.  We possess skills that few others do.  Our approaches to problems are modern.

Being a student at our department is demanding.  You make commitments to yourself and to us if you choose to be a part of our department.  You get to use your abilities and your performance will be measured.  This is not the place for the lazy student.  To get through the curriculum is demanding, but to master something that is demanding is very rewarding.

We welcome you as a student at our department!

Dr. Tom Ryen
Head of department