<County: Lincolnshire>
<Code: L0226>
<MS reference: London, BL Royal 8.E.v, Hand B>
<Text: Speculum Christiani>

<fol. 22r><line 7><lat>Septima tabula</lat>
J Prai 3ow al my frendes dere .
Summe-what of the book of wysdam here .
How he spekis to al maner of men .
þat shuld other rewle teche or ken .
Other bodoly or gostly .
To thaym he spekis specially .
He calles euery man a kyng .
That her~ has cur~ of gouernyng .
He bydde þaym loue god and his lawe .
And teche it oþer men to kepe and knawe .
And þer a-boute euere be most bese .
And þan shal þei in heuenn crowned be .
And haue more wirchepe and honour .
Þan euere her~ had kyng or Emperour .
<fol. 22v><line 5>¶ But and thei here seke dignyte .
Wirchepe or welthe or welfare bodele .
And goddes lawe fro them with-drawe .
Whan þei shuld it do to kepe and knawe .
Jn gret payne mon þai be .
For ther state and dygnyte .
That þei hadde thorogh goddes grace .
And sithen to hym vnkende wace .
¶ Summe of god stand her~ none awe .
<fol. 23r>And þt þei shal afterward knawe .
Whan þai in helle strong payne fele .
Whan tyme of merci is passed euery dele .
¶ And summe þer be þt gyf them mekyl .
To þe world þt is bothe fals & fekyl .
On it þer lof most they sette .
And it þe lof of god most wil lette .
Jt shewes to þaym many a thyng .
Þat to þe flech is gret lykyng .
Jt byddes þaym werke & folow his wille .
And al their desyre he shal fulfille .
¶ Many hym folow and do ful ylle .
Þer-for oft þai falle in gret perylle .
He ledes þaym forth with trautes & wiles .
But at the last he þaym be-gyles .
To the fend he is trewe seruande .
For he brynges his frendes euery to his hande .
He teches his frendys many a thyng .
A-geyn goddes lawe and his byddyng .
<fol. 23v>Who so þerfor his frend wil be
Enemy to god ful euenn is he .
<lat>. mores mundiales .</lat>
¶ This world we may wel knowe and kenn .
Be the maners of worldly menn .
Summe ar to besy both ny3t and day .
A-boute þe world þat sone passes a-way .
To wynne his wyrshep & his welth þei labour fast .
But heuenn to wynne þai haue no hast .
¶ To mayten synne summe can gret skille
And wrong proue ri3t for gyfte þei wille
Ther-for this world holdes þaym ful wice
For mych they can of his qwayntice
<fol. 24r>¶ Summe make gret ioye in þer folye .
Jn glotonye pride and lecherye .
And folwe al ther fleschly lust .
And ther-a-boute do ofte gret cost .
For so þeir~ flech haue here welfare .
For ther sowles haue thei no care .
¶ Summe ofte despise goddes byddyng and lawe .
And all holy mennes techyng and sawe .
Wyth laghyng and scornyng and froward doyng
And this wil haue a fowle endyng
leue it wel wyth-oute lye .
God has swornn it shal so bye .
For swych menn wil not be rewled after skille
A while god suffres them to haue her~ wille
<fol. 24v>But after-ward he wil on þem sende .
Strong vengaunce . but if thei a-mende .
¶ Jn þe world what elles se we .
But wrechednesse and vanyte .
A place it is of gret gylrye .
Of tresoun discord and tyrauntrye .
Of trauayle & tene and vylanye
Of payne of synne & of folye
Of newe gyses vpbryngynge synfully
Of yuel ensamples ful gret plenty
Of skornyng and slaundryng wykedly
Of chydyng and mych feyghtyng folyly
Of bannyng and bakbytyng pryuyly
Of flateryng and fals feynyng sotely
¶ Of pride and enuy and fowle lechery
Of slauthe and of wrathe and mych glotery
<fol. 25r>Of fals couetyse and wynnyng synfully .
Of okur and heresy of sacrilege & symonye
¶ Of fals goddes wyrchepyng ful vnwyslye
Of vayne sweryng and fals ofte & hedowsly
Of holy dayes myspendyng in synne & vanyte
Of fader & moder dishonourryng gostly & bodyle
Of hyndryng & mansleyng in sowle & in body
Of fowl lust and lechery pryuy and apertly .
Of thefte and of rauaynn wt extorcioun plenty
Of fals witnesse beryng wytandly and wilfully
Of oþer mennys thyng desiryng þorw synne & trecheri
Of goddes byddyng ofte brekyng wunder boldly
A place it is of temptyng and gret oppressioun
Off stynk and filthe and myche corrupcioun
A gret fole me thenkes certayn is he
Þt makes his heuenn in swich a cuntre
¶ He may be called both witty and wise
That worldly maners can wel despise
And folwe þem not in no thyng
Þt is a-geynn goddes lawe and his byddyng
But euer to gode god has his eye
And after his byddyng rewled wil beye
<fol. 25v><line 6>¶ Wordly wisdam is but veri foly
Be-for god and his seruauntes holy
His richesse riche & wirchepe gret
Ne is but fantom & dysset
Wherwt he has many a man defiled
And at the last hem be-giled
¶ Al the richesse and welth of this land
Shal turne to erthe and muk stynkand
Ensample may we rede and see
Of Jherusalem þt was so riche a Cytee
Of it openly spekys Jeremye
And also Dauid in his prophecye
How it was destroyd wit-owten wene
And þe wallys beten doun al be dene
<fol. 26r>¶ Walled it was wt walles thre
A semely si3t on to see
The temple brent ful dolefully
And beten doun it was holly
So riche a temple as it was oonn
Jn this world was fowden noonn
With wallys and pylers high on hyght
Hiled wt gold that shone ful bryght
¶ So many lampes ther-in brent ay
Jt made þe ny3t bry3t as the day
Thar oyle was medeled wt swete oynement
Out of whiche swete sauour sprent
Þair sence was wonderly wro3t
Wt riche spices þt þei dere bo3t
Þer-of come swete smellyng
Swetter felte neuer man her~ lyuyng
Þer is now noþer Emperour ne kyng
Þat my3t mayntene siche sensyng
¶ Ther was iij hundred þer-in syngande
Siche song herd neuer man in this lande
Wt harpe and pipe and sawtrye
And al oþer maner of menstralcye
<fol. 26v>And þis was al þer syngyng
Þe psalmes þt made Dauid þe kyng
¶ And whi þis Cyte destroyed was
Fals couetows men gret enchesoun was
Þt euer brent in couetyse more and more
Yf we do so vs a3t ˆ [to] drede ful sore
lest vs be-falle as þaym be-felle
Alle wise Clerkes þis tale þei telle
And 3it þis fyre brennes so hate
Þt no man may it slekke and bate
And þer-of comes so gret a smoke
Þt men may not vp to heuenn loke
¶ For wher~ may we now many fynde
Þt þei uar oþer blereed or al blynde
Or elles a perle in þer eye
Þof þei in state or ordre be ri3t heye
¶ Who so my3t conuert blynde and blereye
And make þaym to goddes byddyng obedient be
God wild for-gyf hym al his synne
And graunt hym blisse þt neuer shal blynne
Bot J am not so gret a clerke
For to do so strong a werke
Þer-for me and al man-kynde
Jn-to þe mercy of god J recomende
<fol. 27v>Marie moder wel þe be
Marie mayden thenk on me
Mayden and moder was neuer nonn
To-gyder lady saffe þow a-lonn
Swete lady mayden clene
Shilde me fro ylle chaunce and tene
And out of synne lady shilde þu me
And out of dette for charite
¶ Lady for þi ioyes fyfe
Gete me grace in this lyfe
To knowe and kepe ouer al thyng
Crysten fayth and goddes byddyng
And trewly wynne al þt is nede
To me and myne clothe & fede
¶ Helpe me lady and al myne
Shild me lady fro helle pyne
Shild me lady fro vilanye
And fro al wiked cumpanye
Shilde me lady fro euel shame
And fro al wyked fame
¶ Swete marye mayden mylde
Fro þe fend þow me shild
<fol. 28v>A pater noster . and a Crede
To helpe me lady at my nede
¶ Swete lady ful of wynne
Ful of grace and god with-ynne
As þu art flour of al thi kynne
Doo my folyes for to blynne
And shild me out of dedly synne
Þat J be neuer takyn þer-ynne