<County: Norfolk>
<Code: L4665a>
<MS reference: Stockholm, Royal Library, X.90>
<Text: Agnus Castus>

<Tranche 1>

<p. 23>of ye seed & do it in-to ye fundement & anoynte ye lendys
wt hony & strewe of yis powder abowe & powder of comyn
& celestyne ¶ Saueyne it is hot & drye in ye iij
degre it
is good for ye ache of ye wombe yer as wormys ben for
it wele sle hem & brynge hem owte ¶ sethe it in wyn &
3ewe it ye seke to drinke & lay a+playstre to ye wombe ¶ And
it is good wt botere or grees to make an oynement for ye scabbe
yt is quiturynge for to hele it & dryen it vp ¶ And it is good
for ache in ye heed take & stampe it wt vynegre & make
a+playstere to ye templys ¶ Ruwe is hot & drye in ye iij
de-gre & ˆ [it] is good for dymnesse of eyne ¶ Also for ache of ye
teth sethe Ruwe in wyn & make a+playstre to ye chekes
¶ Anothyr~ take stalkys of Ruwe & drye hem a+lytyll & take
ye askes yer-of & do it in ye hole of yi toth ¶ Also for ye malede
flanke take ye Jus of Ruwe & wyn of yche olyche my
che & 3if ye seke to drinke ¶ Also for bleryd eyne take ye Jus
of Ruwe & powder of comyn & medele hem to-gedere & wete
cotonn þer-inne & lay it to ye bleryd eyne ¶ Also 3if man hawe
drunke venym 3if hym ruwe to drinke & he schal ben hol
¶ Also for ache in ye wombe sethe ruwe in wyn & 3if hym
to drynke ¶ For cold rewme in ye heed mak+yt hot in a skylet
& do it a+poket & ley it to ye heed be-hynde in ye neckepyt
¶ Also for ewyll on ye mylte sethe it in wyn & drynke it
& lay ye playstre yerto & it is good for ye stomak ¶ Also for
a+woman yt is wt a+ded chyld sehte ruwe in wyn & 3ewe
it here to drynke & sche schal sone be dylyueryd ¶ Also it is
good for ye tesyk & it distroyth lecherye & sleth wormys
in ye wombe & it is good for ye droposye ¶ Also take ruwe
& fenell & stampe hem to-gedere & tempere hem wt hony
& ewrose & it is a+precious onyment for eyne ¶ Also ye
<p. 24>Jus of ruwe staunchyt blod at ye nose-thyrles qhwan it is
powred in-to ye nose-thyrles ¶ Also qhwo so eteth eche day
xx lewes fastyng of Ruwe & fygys & a+lytyl salt yer-wt yt
day schall no venym in hym ne grewe hym ¶ 3if a+man
were enpoysend for ye voys ¶ Also take Ruwe & comyn &
pepyr ylyche myche grynde hem well to-gedire & medele
hem to-gedere wt hony and wynnege yis onyment is good
for ache in ye brest & of gesese & ye renes ¶ wormode is
hote in ye fryst degre & drye in ye ij degre ¶ for wormys tempere
ye Jus þer-of wt mylk & lete ye seke drynke it and sethe it
in wyn & make a+playstre to ye wombe ¶ Also ye powder yer
of & of centorye & beteyne of yche ylyche myche sleth
wormes bothe in metys & drynkys ¶ Also for ye mylte
yt is hard & suollen of cold matyr sethe it in wyn & lete
ye seke drink þer-of & yt schall hele hym & make a+playstre yer-of
& ley it to ye sor al hote ¶ Another~ take wormode & stampe
it & sethe it wt wynegre & toste sowre bred in ye Jus of mynte
& frye hem to-gedere & make a+playstre & ley to ye mowth
of ye stomak & yt schal stanche brakyng ¶ Also wormes
in eres betyl or arwygle take ye Jus of wormode & do it
in ye seke ere ¶ Also sethe it wyn & it holyth ye dropesye ¶ Also
it is good for bytyng of a+neddre & of alle oyer wenymus bestes
¶ Also stampe it & tempere it wt hony yt is good for sore eyne
for to don awey all ye gounde & ye fylthe ¶ Also it is good
for bytyng of a wode howd hit & ruwe & salt nedelyd to
gedere & ley it to ye sore & it schall drawe out ye wenym
& hele it vp ¶ For ye splene take ye rote of assce and
wormod & sethe hem to-gedere in wyn & 3if ye seke to
drynke fryst & last at ewyn hote at morwe cold ¶ Man
dragora mandrage it is cold & drye ye vertu of hym is to
<p. 25>make cold & to make a+man to slepe in hote eueles ma
ke powder of ye barke & menge it wt ye Jus of popy seed and
wommannys mylke & ye qwyte of an ey & make a+playstre
to ye forhed & to ye temples ¶ Also for ye heed-ache yt is
hote stampe ye lewys & anoynte wt ye oyle of mandrage
& ley to ye playstre of ye leuys & yt schal staunche it anon
¶ centorye is hote & drye in ye ij degre it is an h erbe of many
vertues fayre qhwat man bere it vp-on hym yer schal no
venymus beste do hym harme yer-qwyle ¶ And qhwo-so .
drynk+et fastyng it is good for þe dropesye & it dryit watter
ynge of eyne ¶ And it is good for all maner of sore eyne
Also qhwo-so it drinke wt ewrose it is good for ye ston & for
grawell in ye reynys ¶ Also it closyth ye wombe & doth a
wey ye feueres ¶ And it is good for all maner of heed-ache
also þat day yt a+man drynket it fastynge he schal no3t
be dronken ¶ Also qhwo drinke an onc~ of ye Jus of betonye
& iiij onc~ of ye Jus of weybrede medeled to-gedere he
schal be saf of ye feueres terciane be he neuere so seke ¶ Also
it doth awey ye bed of ye chyld yt is lefte in ye moderis
wombe 3if sche wyl drynke it fastynge ¶ Also galyen
ye good leche seyth qhwo-so drynke pyonye wt watir &
hony & powder of colyandre it is good for ye mylte & for
ye stomak & for ye grawel in ye reynes ¶ Also it is good for
a+womman yt hat dyuerse sekenesse & it restreynyth ye wom
be yt is solyble ¶ Also sethe it in wyn & late ye womman
drinke it & it schal hele ye bladder & make here to pysse
ye ston & hele here of ye marys ¶ And ye seedes of pyo
nye qhwan it is blak it makyth dylyueraunce of ye bed
of ye chyld in wommannys wombe & let here drinken xv
sedes eche a+tyme qhwan sche schal vse it ¶ Also 3if a
<p. 26>a+man lese speche in sekenesse stampe xv sedes & tempere hem
wt watir & 3if it hym to drinke ¶ verueyn is hot & drye in ye
ij degre & it is good a3en venym lete ye seke drynke it wt
wyn ¶ And also for bytynges of ony ve venymus best stampe
it & lay it to ye sor ¶ Also it makyth good brethe & doth a
wey ye stynke of ye mowth ¶ Also qhwo-so hath ye feuere
tercian take iij Rotys & iij croppys stampe hem & tempere
hem wt watir~ & lete ye seke drynke it in his acces ¶ Also
qhwo-so hawe ye feuere quarteyne take iiij Rotes & iiij croppys
& lete drinke hem wt watir~ as it is a-fore-seyd ¶ Also 3if yi
good frend be seke take yis erbe in yi ryt+hand & take
his ryt+hand in yi ryt+hand & lete ye erbe be betwene yt
he wot not & aske qhow he faryth & qhow he hopt of hym
self & 3if he say he schal leue & fare wel he schal leue &
3if he say he wot well certayn yt he schal deyin he schal be
ded of yat seknesse ¶ And it is good for ye stomak & for ye
gut & for ye longys ¶ Also veruayn & betonye & saxyfra
ge of iche o-yche moche & stampe hem & tempere hem
wt watir & yei be iij profitable erbys for ye ston ¶ Also qhwo
so beryth it vp-on hym he schal hawe lowe of grete
maystrys & yai schal nowth refuse his askynges but
graunt hym wt good wyll yt yat he wele ¶ violete and
most in ye ij degre take violete myrre & safronn & make
a+plastre of hem to eyne yt be grete swollyn & it schal sese
& abate ye swellynge ¶ Also take violete & stampe it &
tempere it wt vynegre & yt is good for ewel in mannys
hed Also vyolet to many maner thynges is good it goth
to safe it goot to many onymentes it goot to popylyonn
& namely it goth to sore eyne yt ben rennynge ¶ Camamylle
is hot & drye in ye ij degre & so seyth Socrates qhwo-so drinke
<p. 27>ye watir yer-of styllyd wt wyn it is good for ye ston & for ye
bleddere & for ye grawel in ye reynys ¶ Also it helpyth wo
men for diuerce euelys & maket hem good stomak ¶ And
it is good for alle corupcyoun of ye body & it wele helpe
a womman to be delyueryd of deed chyld ¶ And it is good
for bytynge of neddere ¶ Also it is good for heed-ache &
namelyche for ye brennynge feuere

<Tranche 2>

<p. 113>& tempre it wt hony & iche day 3if hym yer-of a+sponfull a
good medicine for alle maner goutis
Take Barowys grees
Or boris grees & brokkys grees yanne take ambrose yt is yer
wylde sawge and an herbe yat men clepyn cammolike
& grynde hem in a+morter & wrynge owte yer Jus & mynge
it among ye forsayd grees & make yer-off an oynement And yt
is good for ye gowte & for to makyn whyt a+mannys face & for
to don awey pykylfowe For ye quinasy Take orpyn & grynde
it well & drynke ye Jus yer-of . and yu mayst 3ewyn it to bestis
yt hawyn ye same ewyll For to makyn pillettis for festre
or woundis
Take egremoyne mugwed auence daysye & ye
croppe of ye reed nettyll & ye croppe of henoppe & ye coule
& ye croppe of brembell & take as meche of maddir as
of alle ye oyer <ill><2 letters></ill> & stampe hem in a+morter & make yer-off
pyllettys & drye hem a3enst ye sunne and 3if hym yt is
wounded a peny weyght to drynken at ones mengyd wt
wyn or wt stale alle . yese ballys+ben goode for festre &
for woundis also leye on ye wonde ye leef of a+wort cowle
a+medicine for ye feloun Take & sethe clubbe weed yt is mat
feloun & Morell ye lasse yat me clepyn myx plenton~ auence
& 3if it hym to drynke ye Jus of þoo herbys For a+man
yat hath lost herynge
Take ye Jus of Ruwe a+sponfull
& powre in his ere a+qwantyte yer-of and late hym lyn
all nyth on yt same syde and anoyer nyth do yer-inne a
noyer qwantite of ye same Jus & do so till yat he be hooll
For hym yat may no3t spekyn Take hillworte yat ys
gadirid on ye witsunday or on mydsomerday & do it in se
thynge watir . & aftirward drye it & whanne it is drye make
yer-of good powdir & make hym to drynke it yer-of & he
schall ben hooll & speke For Woman yt may no3t pysse
<p. 114>Take alisaundir . Conferi & sawge & tempere ye Jus of hem wt
wyn or wt ale & late here iche day drinke a+lytill qwantite
a+medicine for a woman yt may no3t ben dilyuered Take
sauereye stampe it & wrynge owth ye Jus & 3if it here to dryn
ke wt hoot watir~ & sche schall be diliueryd anon a+medicine
for ye palsie
Take pelletir & sethe it weell in watir till yt
it come to ye thyrddendell & drynke it in wyn To knowyn
whethyr a+man schall lewyn or deyin
Take at ewyn hys
vrine & take a+reed nettill & do it yer-inne and at morwe
loke 3if yt ye nettill bee owght schronkyn & 3if it be schron
kyn he schall no3t ben hooll & 3if it be grene & good of
colour he schall ben hooll A+medicine for ye dropesie yer~
ye watir is gon be-twen ye skyn & ye flesch
Take ye Fles
chynge yt men schawyn of ye schepys skynnys & of netes
skynnis & sethe hem so longe in watir till yat yei ben
as thikke as glew or as bl brydlym yanne take it &
do it vp-on a+cloth & do it ryght so abowte ye body of hym
yt is syke & hys wombe & yis is a+sekyr~ medicine For
men yt hawyn ye fransie & mown no3t slepyn
Take grownd
Jwy & sethe it in watir & take yanne ye lewys & stampe
hem & do yer-to Eysell & Ewrose & do it in a+clowte & bynde
it abowte his heed & it schall makyn hym to slepyn For
hem yt hawyn ye fyuer cotidian
Take a+dragme of seed
of ache & grynde it & tempere it well wt iij sponfull of
colde watir . & 3if it ye seke man to drynken whanne
yu wenyst yat ye ewyll wyll takyn hym For ye fyuere
Take betoyne & reed worte & sethe hem to
gedir in stale ale & drynke yer-of fastynge For ye fyuer
tercian Take ye Jus of plaunteyne & 3if hym to drynke
iij or iiij dayes fastynge For a+man yat ha3t lost
<p. 115>his speche
Take ye Jus of sawge & of primeroll & do it on his
molde & he schall spekyn anon For a+man yt spyttyth blod
Take ache mynte & Ruwe & betoyne & boyle hem weell
in gottys mylke : take yanne pyllyoll & betoyne & make
powdir yer-of & putte of yt powdir~ in an ey & ete it & do soo
iij dayis anoyer for ye same Take iij ounc~ of betoyne &
swete gottys mylke & tempere it to-gedir & drynke it iij
dayis For stynkynge breth or stynkynge nose Take
ye blak mynte & ye Jus of Ruwe of eythir olyche meche
& putte it in yin nese-thryll For ye toth-ake & for etynge
of wormys
Take ye seed of hennebelle & leek seed &
rykyll & ley þese iij thyngys on a+reed glowynge tyl
ston . And yanne take a+pype yt ha3t a+wyd ende & holde
it owir ye smoke so yt ye smoke mowe 3erne thorow ye
pype at ye narowe ende & holde yt narowe ende to yin
teth & it schall slen ye wormys & doon awey ye ache
Anoyer medicine Take Ruwe Reed wyn & ote-mele & se
the hem to-gedir . till yt it be thykke & putte it a+ly
nen cloth in maner of a+playster & bynde it to yin teth &
ye ache schall goon awey For teth yat stonden no3t
Take hertis hornys & brenne hem & do ye askys in
a+lynyn cloth & leye it yer-to & yei schull syttyn faste For
wormis yat etyn teth
Take ye seed on hennebelle &
ye Reed 3arow mele of ye Eche virgine wax & Richell
& make a candill yer-of & holde yi mowth ouer ye candill
yat ye hete of ye smoke come to ye toth & do soo oftyn
& ye wormys wyllyn fallyn sone from ye teth Anyer A
noynte þi cheke wt hors grees Jt is prewyd for good For
hym yat spekyth in his slepe
Take aueroyne & tem
pere it wt wyn & 3if it hym to drynke & it schall benemyn
<p. 116>hym spekynge in hys slepe For hym yt may no3t weell etin
¶ Take centorye weyebrede & pepyr~ & sethe it well in wyn &
drynke it warm whanne yu gost to<?> bedde For hym yt delytith
no3t in his mete
Take centorie & sethe it in watir~ & dryn
ke it iij dayis wlak for it is good medicine it sporgyth
yi breth & yi stomak For to binimyn awey his thrist Ta
ke ye rote of loueache & grynde it & tempre it wt watir &
wyn & drynke it iij nyghtys whanne yu gost to bedde & yt
schall be-nemyn ye yi thryst For ye perlious gowte
Take sawge Ruwe comyn & pepyr~ & do hem to
gedir~ in a+panne wt hol hony & drynke yer-of at morwe
a+sponfull & at nyght anoyer For ye drye cowgh Take
horshelne & confery & ete hem iij dayis or more wt ho
ny For ewyll at ye herte Take horshowne & pilioll &
a+lytyll salt & sethe hem in a crocke wt watir & 3if it
ye seke to drynkyn iche day fastynge For ye ewyll of ye
Take ache seed lynseed & comyn & grynde hem
to-gedir~ & 3ewe it ye seke man to drynkyn wyth hoot
watir~ For ewyll in ye brest Take Ruwe ambrose of
iche olyche myche & grynde hem & tempre hem wt
wyn & drynke it iche day fastynge For ye hed & for
ye stomak
Take sauereye & grynde it & take half wyn
& half watir & make it hoot & yanne do buttyr yertoo
& tempre it wt ye sauereye yanne clense it & drynke it whan
ne yu gost to bedde & it schall doo ye myche good For
Take malowys & sethe hem well & caste
hem in a+dischefull of newe ale & ete yer-of & yanne schal
yi wombe been nesche & þu schalt ben all hooll For
mannys liuer yt is chongyd
Take popillyon & anoynte
hym yer-wt & 3if hym to etyn sugur . roset & make latyn
<p. 117>hym blod on ye veyn on ye lyuyr For hym yt hath ye ston
¶ Take gronule percile & reed nettellys & violette & frye
kyrnell of chesell stonys & grynde hem to-gedir~ and
tempre hem wt stale ale & drynke it Anoyer medicine
Take euerfren yt waxith vp-on ye ook & take it in apryll &
wasche it well & tempre it well in a cuppe fwll of stale
ale & anoyer cuppe full of hony & do yer-to & yanne hete
it a lytill & doo a-wey ye skum & drynke yer-off & it schall
doon ye good & yu schalt sone ben hooll anoyer for to brekyn ye ston
¶ Take a Cokke yt is twelwemonyth eld opyn hym & yu schalte
fyndyn in his mawe whyte stonis grynde hem wt a+pestell
in a+mortrer~ & loke yt ye pestell be of Erne & tempre it wt
wyn & drynke it & ye herberde distempre it wt watir For hym
yt may no3t holdyn pisse
Take gottys clawys & brenne hem
in a+newe potte all to powdir~ & þanne ete yt powdir in yin
potage & wt-owtyn dowte yu schalt ben hooll For swellynge
in ye feet