<County: Yorkshire North Riding>
<Code: L1232>
<MS reference: Sizergh Castle, Kendal: Thornton Briggs box, 'Old Deeds', bundle 'Henry VI'>
<Text: Will>

To all to yt sees or heris this wyth myne awne hand wrytyn J Alexander neuile knyght sendes gretyng in god Be it knawne to yow yt J haue
enfeffid by the force of this dede to the qwylk this my wyll endentid es annexid Marmaduke lomble & odir mo qwos names ar~ con
tenid in the said dede to the entent yt thay or~ ony of thayme sal fulfill my will as it apperis her~ folowyng first J will yt mi
said feffees or~ one of thayme aftir my discece wythowte delay enfeffe kateryn my wyfe in my Maner of Thornton & my land in Miltby<?> terme
of hir lyue also J will yt aftir my discece withowte delay yt my saides feffees or~ feffee endowe the said kateryne my wife of all the saides landes & tene
mentes in the said dede specified & yt withowte delay Also J will yt of al the remanent of . al the landes in the said dede spesifed exept my
land in york yt my saides feffees or~ feffee rays & tak xx li & deliuer to Rawfe neuile my brodir~ to his awne profet & sice Also J will yt Ri
chard delarener~ & my dowghtir~ his wife Alianor to aidir of thayme of the saydes landes by the saides feffees or~ feffee be gyfyn
x li Also J will yt this saides xl li in the feffees or feffee be raisid in al haste as it may be rerid of the saides landes wyth
owte delay & be deliuerd to the said Rawfe Richard & alianor~ & to ilkone of thayme or~ thar~ attornes or attowrne & yt withowte
delay in al haste posseble at it may be rerid of the saides landes in the sayd dede specified exept befor~ exept Also J will
yt my saides feffees or~ feffee gyfe & grawnt to Thomas Neuile sone to william Neuile son to the said Alexander Neuile owte of my+tow
ne of Cendale ane annuyte by rent & charge of x mark yer~ly+terme of the lyfe of the sayd thomas & it / to be mad
sur~ in fowrme of lawe Also J will yt John &euile<the ampersand at the beginning of the word seems to have been begun as a capital n, but finally the bar stroke has rendered it similar in shape with the regular ampersand> son of the said william Neuile son of the said Alexander my saides enfeffees or~
feffe gif & grawnt to hym x mark yerly owte of my towne of kirkby terme of his lyue & it to be made sur~ to hym by retn<corrected to rent with small marker above word>
charge in fowrme of lawe Also J will yt gyff my saides feffees or~ feffe perfowrne this my will as it es abowe wrytyn in
all & ilk a parcell of it Thane the saides feffees or~ feffee take of the ischews & profetes of the saides landes thar~ reso
nable ˆ [costis] & dispensis for~ thair trawell abowte the perfowrnyng & fulfillyng of this my sayd will Also J will yt he or
thay of my saides enfeffees yt fulfillis my sayd will in all & in parttes yt thay take vpp to thair~ reward of tha
ischews of the saydes landes x mark Also J will yt gyf so be yt for~ defawte of execucion of thies premisses in wilfolhed or nec
ligens of my saides enfeffees or~ feffee be noght perfowrned & ther~-apon the saydes Rawfe neuile Richard delarener~ my dow
ghtir Alianor~ his ˆ [wyfe] re<ill><3 chars></ill>re the saydes feffees or~ ony of thayme the saydes Rawfe Rawfe Richard or Alianor~ to pay to thayme
& ilkone of thayme the sowme before exprest & thay recuse or elles put thayme in delay langar~ the the money may
be resonable raysed of the saides landes and it to thayme deliuerd Thane J will yt the saydes Rawfe Richard & Alianor~ enter
on the saides feffees or~ feffee in al the saydes ˆ [landys] in the sayd dede contenid exept before exept & ilkone of thame entires &
distreyne for the sowme to thayme vnpaid & the distres so takyn it to care & driue a-way & hald to the tyme yt thay & ilkone of tham
be payd & satisfied Also J will yt Thomas & John sons of william son of the sayd Alexander by force of this my will gyf so be yt
the enfeffees or feffe will not grawnt & make thayme & aidir of thayme lawful astate of rent charge of x iii mark yerly as
it es abowne wrytyn yt thane the saides Thomas & John enter & aidir of thayme enter in al the maner of cundale & al the ma
ner of kyrky & thay & aydir~ of thayme distreyne yerly for~ the saides xx mark to thayme abowne grawntid & so yt distres
<mrg>takyn</mrg> for~ fawte of payment to reisis yer~ly terme of thair~ lyues Also J will yt al+thies Jlkone thies premisses be+trewly
fulfilld as consience & lawe will yt than william m son & my-ne heir~ entir into al my landes in the said dede con
tenid exept al my will befor~ exept in slike astate as J the sayd Alexander died sesid of Jn wytne of qwilk
J haue sette my sele