Who can participate in the Relocation Programme?

All international fulltime employees are welcome to participate in the whole Relocation Programme. Depending on their affiliation to UiS, PhD candidates and post doctors/senior research fellows will have access to the following aspects of the program:

Full Day Area Orientation
PhD candidates staying at UiS for more than six months are entitled to participate in the orientation.

Language and Culture Course
PhD candidates staying at UiS for more than one year are entitled to participate in these courses.

The following offers are available for all international PhD candidates
- Helpdesk
- Immigration Support
- Housing Support
- Introduction Seminar
- INN Rogaland Networking Program

In Norway PhD candidates are considered as employees, and they are affiliated to the university both as students and as employees. There are different rules and regulations applying to the student relationship and the employee relationship. In the Guide for the Doctoral Program at UiS you can find a list of documents regulating the two different relationships.

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