Course descriptions

Library instruction course in English aimed at staff and Ph. D. students

Do you want to know more about what the University Library has to offer you? Do you need to learn where and how to search for relevant literature? Do you want to know how you can subscribe to alerts and keep up with scholarly publications and research topics?

The University Library now offers a Library instruction course in English for staff and Ph. D. students

Course contents:

  • Short introduction to the services of the University Library and to the home page
  • Brief presentation of relevant databases and other sources of information –how to search for and find literature
  • Different searching methods
  • Learn how to create alerts via e-mail or RSS

The course contents will be adapted to suit the needs of the participants.

The course is for all faculties of UiS – staff and Ph. D. students

Time: 2 hours

Place: The library course room, KE A-259

Places: Max 15

Workshop – are you writing your bachelor or master thesis this spring?

Do you need help searching for and finding relevant literature for your thesis? Join one of the university library’s workshops. They are divided into the various subject areas.
When you sign up, please let us know what your are researching and what challenges you face, so that we can set up the workshop with this in mind.

Bachelor or master students who are submitting their thesis in the spring.


Goals for the workshop:
After this workshop you should:

  • Know what information you need based on your chosen topic
  • Know where and how to search, retrieve and critically assess the relevant information / literature for your assignment

Workshop contents:

  • Short introduction for everyone, presentation of relevant sources of information and databases in your subject area – how to search optimally and find literature
  • Correct referencing
  • Practical searching assistance – help finding relevant material/literature

Time and place:

  • Duration: 2 or 3 hours (lesson periods)
  • Location: KE A-259 (library course room, seats 15) or AR V-102 (seats 30)


Introduction to EndNote - learn how to keep your references tidy and make reference lists.

EndNote is a useful tool in keeping track of your references. The programme finds and imports references from library catalogues and online databases and inserts references and references lists/bibliographies into your document. All your references will be searchable when you create your reference list with EndNote.

Course contents

  • How to make a reference library. 
  • How to create references manually. 
  • How to import references from library catalogues and databases, such as Oria, Academic Search Premier, Web of Science etc.
  • How to make EndNote and Word work together. Making reference lists and inserting references. 

Target group: The lectures are reserved for master students and staff/Ph.D-students at UiS who have not been to a previous introductory course in EndNote.

Previous knowledge: Participants should have some experience in elementary database searching.

Duration: 3 hours

Teaching mode: Varies from demonstrations/instructions to exercises on your computer.

Place: The Library's instruction room (KE A-259) or AR V-102

Feel free to bring literature for registratering references in EndNote.

We only have a limited number of PCs in our course room, so bring your own PC or Mac if you have one. Please download EndNote before the course.