The Citation Compass - a useful website for students

The Citation Compass is a website full of useful advice for students who are currently writing theses. It covers references, source evaluation and how to avoid plagiarism.

The Citation Compass contains three parts;

The part “References” teaches you in a simple and straightforward manner how your reference list can be set up in the best possible way. It examines the reference styles APA 6th, Chicago 16 A and IEEE and show examples of the most frequently used document types. How to refer to a conference document or an e-book are some of the examples.

Source evaluation” is a newly revised and enlarged part of The Citation Compass. Here you’ll find information about important aspects you should consider when using a book, a webpage, a scientific article, works of reference, a newspaper or a public document. “Is the author of a scientific article a real researcher”? and "Is the publisher of the book well thought of?" are useful questions, and the website gives you several elements to check for exactly the source you want to use in your paper.

As a student or employee at a college or university you need to be familiar with relevant legislation. For example the copyright act, patents and trademarks and the use of archive records. The part "Legislation" provides a good overview of the topic.

The website is developed in cooperation with the three libraries at The University of Agder, The Telemark University College and The University of Stavanger.

The Citation Compass

The Citation Compass