He is this year's Young Professional (20.10.2017)
Open Porous Media (OPM) in Bergen (20.10.2017)
Invited to present at IOR Tulsa (19.10.2017)
Centre PhD to present at OG21-forum (11.10.2017)
Smart Solutions for Future IOR (10.10.2017)
Portrait of the month: Trine Mykkeltvedt (06.10.2017)
Extended collaboration with Statoil? (29.09.2017)
Liquid nitrogen and ice cream (27.09.2017)
Rock science fun at Research Square (26.09.2017)
Krakow looks to Stavanger (25.09.2017)
The «green versus oil» debate (21.09.2017)
The Centre is being evaluated (21.09.2017)
IRIS and the Centre at SIAM (20.09.2017)
An industry for the future (04.09.2017)
NPD visited the Centre (24.08.2017)
Want an introduction to OPM? (22.08.2017)
Attended international competition (26.06.2017)
Awarded with prestigious research prize (26.06.2017)
Introducing the core scale simulator (23.06.2017)
Spending the summer at the lab (21.06.2017)
Meet our new partner: DEA Norge (19.06.2017)
Appointed to the OG21 board (13.06.2017)
Shared their experiences on IOR (13.06.2017)
«The value of collaboration» (13.06.2017)
Introducing: SAC (09.06.2017)
Celebrates new PhD post (07.06.2017)
The Centre visited Wintershall (26.05.2017)
Lunch and Learn with Pål Ø. Andersen (10.05.2017)
What's happening at The Centre? (03.05.2017)
The IOR conference summed up (02.05.2017)
And the winner is … (28.04.2017)
A look back at the IOR NORWAY 2017 opening (26.04.2017)
Getting ready for IOR NORWAY 2017 (19.04.2017)
IOR NORWAY 2017 – Financial support for PhD-students (05.04.2017)
IEA GOT visited the National IOR Centre of Norway (04.04.2017)
Honour and glory to the IOR-Centre’s Director (27.03.2017)
Quest for synergies: Mature Oilfields in the North Sea (27.03.2017)
Lunch & Learn on Polymers (27.03.2017)
Sharing experiences: Visit from Lesley James, Memorial College (23.02.2017)
Minister's message to petroleum students: «You are the future!» (21.02.2017)
Let's give a big welcome to Ema! (20.02.2017)
IOR NORWAY 2017 in collaboration with EAGE - The 19th European Symposium on Improved Oil Recovery (16.02.2017)
The Energy Year 2017: Oil - an industry in change (02.02.2017)
Learning to communicate from the stage (27.01.2017)
Presenting for the industry (27.01.2017)
Dissemination opportunity: SCA2017 (17.01.2017)
PhD and postdoc presentation seminars 2017 (13.01.2017)
Meet PhD student Oddbjørn (19.12.2016)
Work Plan 2017 and new board members (19.12.2016)
Happy Holidays from The National IOR Centre of Norway! (17.12.2016)