Wind science meets industry

Wind scientists took time out on Wednesday to share their knowledge with industry. The NORCOWE centre is about to wrap up, but cooperation on wind research will continue.

Professors Muk Chen Ong and Jasna B. Jakobsen at Science Meets Industry. Professors Muk Chen Ong and Jasna B. Jakobsen at Science Meets Industry.

Several UiS projects were highlighted at the Science Meets Industry event on Wednesday.

Professor Muk Chen Ong presented his research on how the wind affects certain types of wind turbines, while Professor Jasna Bogunovic Jakobsen and postdoctoral fellow Etienne Cheynet talked about wind loads due to turbulence and structural vibrations.

The industry and the academic community also received an update on the university-based innovation Gwind, a floating, vertical-axel wind turbine.

Research centre 

The seminar was organized by NORCOWE - Norwegian centre for offshore wind energy, Greater Stavanger and Norwegian Offshore Wind Cluster. NORCOWE, in which University of Stavanger is a partner, has been tasked with solving challenges for the offshore wind industry and mobilizing research in this field.

The centre, headed up by Christian Michelsen Research in Bergen, has many science and industrial partners, including Statoil and Statkraft.

Offshore wind power

Friday 31 March marks the end of an eight-year funding period by the Norwegian Research Council. The industry partners were promised that the research network will be continued, in which form will be decided in the spring.

«We still want to be part of the NORCOWE network,» says Vice-Dean of Research at the Faculty of Science and Technology, Bjørn Hjertager.

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