UiS Doctoral Community board 2017

UiSDC is the interest organisation of the PhD candidates at UiS. Our goal is to create academic and social meeting places for PhD candidates at UiS, across faculties.

Gruppebilde: Christian Kuran, Geir Risvoll, Veronica Blumenthal and Tristan Nabong. The new board 2017 from the left: Christian Kuran, Geir Risvoll, Veronica Blumenthal and Tristan Nabong.

UiSDC is primarily an academic and social forum, contributing towards a good research environment in Stavanger. As an interest organization, UiSDC also represents the doctoral candidates in different decision-making and administrative bodies at UiS.

UiSDC represents all registred research fellows and doctoral candidates associated with UiS. While some activities take place at the faculties, like faculty PhD-gatherings, UiSDC can also be contacted if there is a need to organize activities across faculties. 

The UISDC board consists of:

  • Leader Christian Kuran (Department of Industrial Economics, Risk Management and Planning)
  • Vice leader Tristan Nabong (UiS Business School)
  • Treasurer Geir Risvoll (Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science) 
  • Communicator Veronica Blumenthal (The Norwegian School of Hotel Management) 

In addition to the board, there are representatives of the PhD committees at each faculty:

  • Maria Gussgard Volckmar-Eeg (SV)
  • Liv Mette Strømme (HUM)
  • Lisbet Fjæran (TN)

UiSDC does not provide practical guidance on the study situation at Stavanger, such as accomodation, visa, costs, etc. For this type of information, we direct you to the Practical Information page on the UiS web. 

If you have any questions or comments of academic and/or social nature, contact us at

Practical information

The Research Training Secretariat is responsible for administering research training at UiS, and can provide both administrative information and practical assistance.

The Faculty of Arts and Education
Jeanette Rollheim
Phone: 5183 3564

The Faculty of Social Sciences
Eirik Østensjø Tjelle
Phone: 5183 1539

The Faculty of Science and Technology
Elisabeth Stornes Paulsen
Phone: 5183 1730

Central PhD Administration
Robert Eroll Radu
Phone: 5183 2444