The Middle English Scribal Texts Programme (MEST)

The Middle English Scribal Texts Programme is a long-term iniative at Stavanger, with collaborators in Glasgow and Helsinki. Our aim is to study Middle English linguistic variation in its historical, social and material context, and to produce corpora based on transcriptions from manuscript or facsimile.

This site contains information about our projects and about the Middle English team at Stavanger.  It also contains the Middle English Grammar Corpus (MEG-C), online version.

The MEG-C corpus contains samples of the texts mapped in the Linguistic Atlas of Late Mediaeval English.  The latest version (2011.1) contains nearly half the texts to be included, and is available as an open access resource.

From August 2012, we are working on a new project, Language and Geography in Middle English Local Documents (MELD), funded jointly by the Norwegian Research Council and the University of Stavanger.

We would like to encourage visitors to browse, to read, and to react to our research plan and results.

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