Environmental oilfield chemistry

The research group Environmental Oilfield Chemistry designs, synthesises and tests new chemicals for use in the oil industry.

Foto av molekylmodell.

The offshore oil industry uses many different chemicals to maintain and stimulate oil and gas production. Research in this field helps the industry find more environmentally-friendly solutions, especially when it comes to production under extreme conditions such as in the Arctic and deepwater areas.

The research at UiS in this field comprises three disciplines:

  • chemical and polymer synthesis and analysis
  • ecotoxicology (environmental testing)
  • efficiency testing of production chemicals for use in the oil industry (hydrate inhibitors, scale inhibitors, wax inhibitors, corrosion inhibitors, defoamers, demuilsifiers etc.)

This combination is unique worldwide in academic circles.

Furthermore, the group has establised a large network of operator and service companies as well as research institutions from all over the world.

Environmental oilfield chemistry is only one part of a larger research group at the university. Find out more by visiting their research page titled Chemistry and environment.

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