Rock and Mineral Preparation and Microscopy Lab

Rock and Mineral Preparation and Microscopy Lab


Research lab


  • Rock disc mill Retsch RS200
  • Rock mill Siebtechnik
  • Precision cut-off and grinding machines Struers Accutom-50
  • Grinding and polishing machine Struers Rotopol-35 with specimen mover PdM-Force-20
  • Reflected light microscope Olympus BX60M
  • 2 polarizing microscopes Nikon Optiphot-Pol; one of these equipped as a cathodoluminescence microscope
  • several stereo microscopes

The Rock and Mineral Preparation Lab has a complete set-up for preparing rock and soil samples for petrographic (light/electron microscope), geochemical, and isotope geochemical applications.


Engineer: Andreas Habel

Scientists: Dr Carita Augustsson, Dr Udo Zimmermann