Publications 2009

Below is a list of articles in international scientific journals from 2009 related to entrepreneurship, innovation and productivity with authors from the University of Stavanger (UiS) and International Research Institute of Stavanger (IRIS) affiliated with the Center for Innovation Research.

Andersen, T. B., Lien, K., Tveterås, R. and Tveterås, S. (2009) The Russian Seafood Revolution: Shifting Consumption towards Aquaculture Products. Aquaculture Economics and Management, 13(3), 191-212.

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Asche, F., Roll, K. H. and Tveterås, R. (2009) Economic Inefficiency and Environmental impact: An application to Aquaculture Production. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, 58(1), 93-105.

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Asche, F., Roll, K. H. and Trollvik, T. (2009) New Aquaculture Species – The Whitefish Market. Aquaculture Economics and Management, 13(2), 76-93.

Asche, F. (2009) Adjustment Cost and Supply Response: A Dynamic Revenue Function. Land Economics, 85(1), 201-215.

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Brun, E. and Saetre, A. S. (2009) Managing Ambiguity in New Product Development Projects. Creativity and Innovation Management, 18(1), 24-34.

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