Subsea and Marine Technology

With an increased focus on satellite and subsea development, the needs to ensure safe installation and operation of these systems increase.

Yard with supply vessel and cranes

This involves the processing and compression scheme, the subsea layout, the assessment of vessels to be used for installation and the installation requirements and suitable season. Furthermore, the link to the hub, whether an existing installation, a new installation or direct well stream to shore must be designed. This involves design and installation of flow lines, pipelines and risers. In order to ensure that the underwater system is operational with high reliability, maintenance of the equipment, the pipelines and the wells must be prioritized. Well maintenance using minimum size vessels will improve the asset's value and will represent large savings. The number of challenges related to marine and subsea development is thus huge. Adding that these challenges increase in number and difficulties when working in cold climate puts the needs for thorough work on the subject in perspective.

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