Events 2016

Events related to The National IOR Centre of Norway last year. Note: you will also find PDF files of presentations held by representatives from The Centre here.

ONS stand 2016


1. Meeting with RCN in Oslo
7. Breakfast and Learn: Modeling of imbibition tests with porous disc – validity of exponential models by Pål Østebø Andersen
8.–9.  Meeting with Scientific Advisory Committee  
15. Board Meeting

1. NFiP Stavanger. Presentations by Eystein Opsahl, Oddbjørn Nødland and Kristin Flornes
8. Workshop with PhD students, postdocs and supervisors
16.–17.  The DHRTC Technology Conference 2016, Helsingør. Presentation by Kristin Flornes
25. Lunch and Learn by Ingebret Fjelde: «Removal of mud components from reservoir sandstone rocks»
30. OG21 Conference, Oslo. PhD Student presentation by Anna Kvaschuk

3.–5. The National IOR Centre management visits ENI R&D Centre in Milan
12.–13. Dynamics of Evolving Fluid Interfaces – DEFI Gathering physico-chemical and flow properties, Lyon, France
13. Lunch and Learn: How Wetting Conditions Dictate Chalk Mechanics at Uni-axial Strain Conditions – Insights from Experiments Performed at In-situ Stress, Temperature and Pore Pressure by Jaspreet Singh Sachdeva
19. Board Meeting

5. GEOSTATS 2016, Valencia. Presentation: «An Ensemble 4D Seismic History Matching Framework with Wavelet Multiresolution Analysis – A 3D Benchmark Case Study», by Xiaodong Luo, Tuhin Bhakta, Morten Jakobsen and Geir Nævdal 
8.–9. The National IOR Centre Strategy Seminar for task leaders and management  at IRIS Bergen
18.–22. 2016 IEA-EOR Workshop & Symposium, oral presentations: «Quantifying the microscopic morphology of SEM microscopy images», Simulating gelation of silica for in-depth reservoir plugging using IORSim as an add on tool to ECLIPSE and «Impact of choke valves on the IOR polymer flooding: Lessons learned from large scale tests»
23. Lunch and Learn: Oddbjørn Nødland: A Model for Non-Newtonian Flow in Porous Media at Different Flow Regimes
27. Technical Committee meeting


7–12. ICCGE-18 Nagoya, Japan, Shaghayegh Javadi (poster)
21.–26. SCA Annual Symposium/The 30th International Symposium of the Society of Core Analysts, Jaspreet Sachdeva, Irene Ringen, Tijana Livada (poster and presentation) and Pål Andersen
22. Visit at Statoil IOR Research Center in Trondheim
23. P
olymer yard test phase 2 workshop at IRIS
25. Board Meeting
27.–3.9 ECOSS32, Grenoble, 
Shaghayegh Javadi (poster)
29.–1.9 ECMOR XVAmsterdam, (9 posters and 4 oral presentations from The National IOR Centre of Norway)
29.–1.9 ONS 2016, meet The National IOR Centre of Norway at stand #932

4.–8. PDESoft in Warwick, Robert Klöfkorn

3. Lunch and Learn by Martin Gjelsvik: Scenarier2029, hvordan jobbe med næringsliv for økonomisk verdiskaping?
13. IEA GOT – Offshore Mature Fields, London UK, presentation by Kristin Flornes
15. General Assembly
16. Lunch and Learn by Pål Østebø Andersen: «Fracture-matrix models for reactive flow in naturally fractured formations»
20.–22. The 11th International EnKF workshop, Ulvik, Norway, Presentation: «Efficient big data assimilation through sparse representation: A case study in 4D seismic history matching», by Xiaodong Luo, Tuhin Bhakta, Morten Jakobsen, and Geir Nævdal. Poster: «Estimating Observation Error Covariance Matrix of Seismic Data from a Perspective of Image Processing», by Xiaodong Luo and Tuhin Bhakta
«Comparative study of ensemble-based seismic history matching using image-oriented parameterizations», oral presentation by Yanhui Zhang
20.–24. CMWR in Toronto, presentation by Anna Kvashchuk
26.–1.7 Goldscmidt 2016 Conference, Japan, Mona Minde, Nina Egeland and Laura Borromeo, UiS

10.–11. Visit from DTU og The Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Technology Centre
22.–26. European Desalination Society, Rome, by Remya Nair
25. Board meeting
26. Lunch and Learn, by Prof II Remus Hanea, Statoil «Models based decision making in Reservoir Management»

6. Dialogue meeting – Norsk olje og gass, presentation by Merete Vadla Madland
14. Lunch and Learn by Aojie Hong, «Robust Production Optimization with Capacitance-Resistance Model as Proxy»
20. SPE Bergen – Xiaodong Luo 
20. SPE Bergen – «
New Insight to Wormhole Formation in Polymer Gel during Water Chasefloods using Positron Emission Tomography (PET)» by Bergit Brattekås
25. IOR Workshop
26.–27. IOR NORWAY 2016
28. Workshop on 4D seismic and history matching

2. PhD seminar for candidates and supervisors at UiS (Sola Strandhotell)
8. Research visit to Imperial College, UK. Water Weakening of Chalk – Insight from Lab Experiments and Numerical Modelling by Aksel Hiorth (Merete Vadla Madland)
17.Technical Comittee work meeting
18. Lunch and Learn by Dmitry Shogin «The kinetic theory approach to the rheology of polymer solutions»

1.–5. Membrane Technology Conference 2016 by Torleiv Bilstad (Remya Nair, Evgenia Protasova)
2.–3. «Joining forces to recover more» by Merete Vadla Madland, FORCE seminar, NPD
        «IFE tracer innovation – a step change in oil saturation measurements» by Christian Dye, IFE
4. Lunch and Learn by Petter Osmundsen: «IOR and fiscal incentives»
16.–17. SPE Workshop: Applied Tracer Technology to Maximise Hydrocarbon Recovery, Kuwait, «Laboratory evaluation of inter-well partitioning tracers for the determination of remaining oil saturation after ASP flooding» by Christian Dye, IFE
18. Board Meeting
26. Lunch and Learn by Remya Nair, Smart Water by Membranes
25.–26. Research visit to DTU/GEUS, Denmark (Aksel Hiorth and Merete Vadla Madland, Madland's presentation DTU and presentation Maersk, Hiorth's presentation DTU)
29. PhD student meeting, internal

13.–14. Visit from Dario Grana, IRIS Bergen
13.–15. UK InterPore Joint Annual Meeting 2016, Andreas Stordal (Gradient free production optimization under geological uncertainty)
20. Technical Comittee meeting
22. Lunch and Learn by Arne Stavland (Polymer Flooding – Factors That May Impact the EOR Potential)