Attended international competition

BSc student Jan Inge Nygård represented University of Stavanger and the Centre at the SPWLA annual symposium student paper competition.

BSc student Jan Inge Nygård BSc student Jan Inge Nygård presenting his work at the SPWLA conference. Photo: Private

Jan Inge Nygård is supervised by Centre postdoc Pål Østebø Andersen and his assistant Kenny Walrond.

Recently Nygård presented his task on WAG injection on a big international conference in the USA, the SPWLA annual symposium in Oklahoma, June 17–21.

Nygård participated in the student paper competition. He was one of few who had the trip to the United States sponsored by the conference with a budget of 1000 USD.

Nygård did not win the competition, but the audience thought the work was interesting and he got a lot of questions about his work.  

At University of Stavanger he got an A on the same task he presented in Oklahoma and the sensor noted that it was one of the best BSc tasks he had seen. The sensor said it would (perhaps) be given an A also if it had been rated as a master thesis. 

Postdoc Pål Østebø Andersen and Nygård are considering writing an article of the work.

Text: Kjersti Riiber