Introducing the core scale simulator

The National IOR Centre of Norway invited the industry partners to a release party for the new core scale/sector scale simulator.

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    Oddbjørn Nødland guides the representatives from the companies through the short course.
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    Researcher Arild Lohne from IRIS and Arve Oftedal from Halliburton.
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    Research director Aksel Hiorth and Salimi Siroos from Eni.
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    PhD student Oddbjørn Nødland has been essential in developing the core scale simulator.

In the course the attendees learned how to run the simulator on core and small field cases. They also got to visualize the results with software from ResInsight.

The new simulator allows the companies to interpret SCAL experiments, correct for capillary end effects.

On demand from the partners

Representatives from several of the Centre's industry partners attended the release party; ConocoPhillips, Maersk, Statoil, Eni, Halliburton and Aker BP were all present at the short course which took place at IRIS, one of the research partners of the Centre.

It was initially the companies who asked for this short course.

«They saw the potential and wanted to use the simulator we now have developed,» centre director Merete Vadla Madland says.


Madland adds that this is just an introduction course.

«The companies will most likely need a follow-up course this autumn. In the next course we hope to give them more details about how to use the simulator,» Madland says.

She is very proud of the core scale simulator, and especially the work done by PhD student Oddbjørn Nødland.

«This is innovation – a new tool for our industry partners.»

Text and photo: Kjersti Riiber