NPD visited the Centre

Even though the Centre and NPD are neighbours at Ullandhaug, we don't visit each other too often. This week NPD took the walk up the hill to see us.

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    Tove Francke, Bjørn Rasen, Tomas Mørch, Kalmar Ildstad and Ingrid Sølvberg gets the tour at the Geomechanics lab. Merete Vadla Madland guides the visitors.
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    Research director Aksel Hiorth, dean Øystein Lund Bø, centre director Merete Vadla Madland and administrative coordinator Kjell Pettersen welcomes the delegation from NPD.
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    PhD student Emanuela Kallesten tells the visitors a little bit about her work.
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    Task leader Udo Zimmermann shows the visitors his lab.
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    Ingrid Sølvberg, NPD, and Merete Vadla Madland with Udo Zimmermann.

During the two hour visit the delegation from NPD got to know more about the work at the Centre, R & D highlights and the way forward.


The IOR Centre is led by University of Stavanger, with research institutes IRIS and IFE as core partners. Several other research groups, and 12 oil and service companies, complete the Centre's list of partners and collaborators

«How is the cooperation with the oil companies? How do you share your knowledge?» Tomas Mørch, assistant director – Barents Sea, wanted to know.

«The cooperation is excellent, but the key factor for open information and sharing our knowledge, was the guidelines made by our technical comittee,» centre director Merete Vadla Madland and research director Aksel Hiorth said.


Madland and Hiorth were keen to let the visitors know about the Centre's newest development, the core scale/sector scale simulator.

«This is innovation; when the tools are ready for our partners to use,» Madland said.

Arvid Østhus, assistant director – North Sea north at NPD, says that NPD also plays an important part in asking the oil and service companies how they are using the new knowledge they get from the Centre's researchers.

Madland agrees. She also stresses the importance of large scale tests which will be the intermediate step towards a pilot or several.

«The most important part in getting a pilot up and running, is more large scale testing. But this is very expensive. Our user partners wants more of this, but the funds are not sufficient,» Madland says, hoping that the Centre will succeed in future applications.

Text and photo: Kjersti Riiber