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Admission Process

Applying to university can be both exciting and stressful, something to fear and look forward to. The application procedure might seem time-consuming; there is a lot to think about, many steps to complete, and various forms to fill out. Therefore you will find some more information explaining our admission process below.

Please read the information carefully and remember that:
• During the application process your SPAM filter (preventing bulk or junk e-mail) should be set on the lowest level as we send out many of the notifications to more than one applicant.
• Please send all your questions to our common e-mail address: admissions@uis.no and do not resend your e-mail to other addresses as it is both time consuming and confusing for everybody.
• We admit students only once a year, in Autumn.

We wish you good luck with your application!

Admission Calendar
16.12.13 Publication of the on-line application forms on the websites of the respective study programmes.

 Master Programmes and Norwegian Language and Culture Course

Deadline for sending in the full application package (post stamp). Please note the following:

-you have to fulfill the admission requirements by this time (e.g. students applying for a Master’s degree will not be considered if they cannot provide their Bachelor's diploma by 1 February - exception EU citizens)
-please note that TOEFL & IELTS test are considered valid for 2 years only
-we usually do not accept institutional language tests
-you are not supposed to submit original documents. We do not have the possibility to return the submitted documents and the documentation will be destroyed after 6 months. Only verified copies will be processed.

The final applications will be processed by an enrollment committee at the Faculty level.


You will be notified about the outcome of the final application via e-mail and postal mail.

Those of you receiving the Letter of Admission should immediately contact the Norwegian Embassy or Consulate in your home country. More information on visas and application forms for students are available at http://www.udi.no.

30.05.14 By this time you should: 
-return the Declaration of Acceptance via fax or e-mail (scanned). Please note that we need you to sign this document. 
-return Student Deposit reply slip if you come from a non-EU-country  (students who got offered a scholarship are exempted)
-transfer the requested guarantee to the SiS Student Deposit Account (students who got offered a scholarship are exempted). Norwegian Immigration Authorities (UDI) require a guarantee of approx. NOK 96.000 for the academic year 2014/2015 from all the self-financing students coming from non EU countries.
-apply for student accommodation if you wish to move into one of our student dormitories.
20.07.14 Deadline for electronic application for a "pick-up service" from the Stavanger airport Sola.
August Arrival Days and Orientation Week in Stavanger (mandatory attendance). Information about the programme will be published in June/July on our website.
01.09.14 Should you not receive your student visa in time or arrive delayed to Stavanger, please mind that students are not allowed to enrol at UiS after 1 September.


Missed the deadline? Last-minute places may be available to this specific Master's programme.

Candidates should send a scanned Transcript of Records and Bachelor’s diploma to admissions@uis.no as soon as possible. Please state in the subject line “last-minute application to the name of the study programme". 

Practical information

Questions regarding the more practical aspects - accomodation, arrival, visa procedure, expenses, scholarships - of your future studies in Stavanger? You will find more information here: Practical information

Other questions? You can always contact us at admissions@uis.no