Documentation requirements for non-EU/EEA applicants - Master's programmes

Having checked your eligibility and registered your application online by the deadline of 1 March, you now have to deliver the required documentation by 5 March.

Please note! The documentation requirements are subject to change before the next admission period opens on 1 February 2018.

  1. Signed cover sheet
  2. CV/Resumé
  3. Transcript of records
  4. Bachelor’s diploma(s)/University diploma(s)
    • From all higher/university education
    • If possible, should be issued directly by your university and provided in a sealed envelope. If not, it has to be a certified copy. Other copies are not accepted
    • If the document is not in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or English, it must be officially translated. A copy in the original language must also be provided.
    • Additional documentation requirements for China, Iran, Nepal, Nigeria and Pakistan
    • NOTE: If you finish your Bachelor’s degree between 5 March and 1 June and are not able to submit your Final Diploma and Final transcripts within the deadline, 5 March, you are allowed to apply anyway. This requires that you and the International Office have agreed on this via email, and that you submit all the other required documentation, including a document showing the subjects you will take during the last semester, within the deadline, 5 March. Last day to submit the Final Diploma and Final transcripts is 1 June. This exemption is only applicable for the Final Diploma and Final transcripts.
  5. Documentation of fulfilling the English language requirement
    • TOEFL: Must be sent directly by the ETS Test Centre to the University of Stavanger, institution code 8467
    • IELTS: Can be sent as a copy
  6. Final diploma from higher secondary school 
    • As specified on the GSU-list 
    • Translation not required
  7. Documentation of financial support
    • Applicants must document NOK 111 657 per year (subject to change) for their living expenses in Norway
    • Required by the Norwegian Immigration Authorities (UDI) as part of the visa and study permit application
    • Financial support can be documented in the following ways:
      • a recent bank statement in the applicant's name
      • a sponsor guarantee letter + a recent bank statement in the sponsor's name
      • a confirmation of scholarship
    • Applicants receiving admission must transfer the required amount to an account at the University of Stavanger by 1 June. Instructions will be provided in the Letter of Admission. The amount will be transferred to the student's personal Norwegian bank account after arrival in Norway
  8. Copy of passport
    • Page with photograph and name
  9. Documentation of change of name
    • If relevant (e.g. marriage certificate)
    • If the document is not in Norwegian, Danish, Swedish or English, it must be officially translated

Additional documentation requirements

Applicants who have completed their university education in China, Iran, Nepal, Nigeria or Pakistan must fulfil the additional documentation requirements:

  • China: Verification reports have to be sent directly to the University of Stavanger by China Academic Degrees and Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC)  or China Higher Education Student Information & Career Center (CHESICC)
  • Iran: Diploma and transcripts have to be officially translated by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. If you do not have a final degree diploma, your provisional/temporary certificates may be considered if you write and deliver an explanation.
  • Nepal: Copies of the final degree certificate and transcripts must be officially certified by the awarding institution. Provisional certificates, character certificates or other certificates are not accepted.
  • Nigeria: Copies of the diploma and transcripts must be officially certified by the awarding institution. If you have not yet received a final Bachelor's diploma you must submit a Success Certificate/Attestation of Results (not older than three years) and the transcripts must show when the degree was conferred.
  • Pakistan: Diploma and all pages of the transcript of records must be certified by the Higher Education Commission (HEC)

What is a certified copy?

A certified copy is a copy of the original document with an official stamp and signature of an appropriate authority, for example a public notary, indicating that they have seen the original document and that the copy they are signing is a true copy.

What is a sponsor?

A sponsor can be anyone (for example a family member, friend, company etc.) willing to guarantee the applicant’s financial support.

Original documents

Students who are admitted to the University of Stavanger must bring their original diploma and transcript of records to Norway. Students failing to present their original diploma and transcript of records upon request will lose their student status at the University of Stavanger. Any falsification discovered will be reported to the police and Norwegian Immigration Authorities (UDI).


We recommend sending the application package by courier (DHL/FedEx). Late application packages will not be processed.

The University of Stavanger must receive all required documentation by 5 March:

  • Courier address:
    University of Stavanger
    International Office
    Rennebergstien 30
    N-4021 Stavanger
  • Postal address:
    University of Stavanger
    International Office
    P.O. Box 8600 FORUS
    N-4036 Stavanger

Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicant or issuing institution and will be destroyed by the University of Stavanger after 1 September.

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