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Student housing

Where will I live? One of the most important questions that students ask themselves when they come to a new place to study.

Student dormitory at campus of University of Stavanger

Please note that it is not possible to choose accommodation with regard to price or location. You will receive only 1 offer (detailed information will be provided after your arrival in Stavanger) and if you reject it, you have to make your own arrangements.

The price is approx. NOK 3000-5050 per month. The rooms are fully furnished and have free broadband Internet connection.

Please note that

  • The rooms are very modest with basic furniture only (bed & desk)
  • The capacity of student housing is limited. Consequently we regret that there is no housing guarantee
  • There are no family flats available to international students.
  • Contracts cover usually one or two full semesters, and full semesters only (5 months*). It is not allowed to terminate a contract during the first semester
  • International students cannot change their room with another person in the dorms, nor change dorms without the approval of SiS Housing. This is due to security reasons
  • A change in the study plan, in the date of arrival or departure has to be immediately reported without delay
  • Reception Opening Hours at SiS Housing: Monday - Thursday 08:30 -15:30, Friday 08:30-15:00.

* Exception: Minimum rental period of 3 months can be given to students following Comparative Educational Studies and approved academic internship programmes (nursing and social work).



Application for accommodation

The deadline for accommodation for the academic year 2015/2016 has now expired.

For late applications please send an e-mail to admissions@uis.no.