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Faculty Faculty of Social Sciences
Department Department of Media and Social Sciences

Associate Professor

Ugo Corte received his Ph.D. in Sociology from Uppsala University in 2012.  In 2017-2018 he was an Erik Allardt Fellow at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies. 

His current research addresses creative work, group dynamics, voluntary risk taking, and the sociology of fun. As an ethnographer he is working on a book project on the social world of big wave surfing (under contract, University of Chicago Press).

His articles have been published in journals such as Sociological Theory (2017; 2017), Social Psychology Quarterly (2013), Sport in Society (2010), Music and Arts in Action (2008), Teaching Sociology (2017) and Qualitative Sociology (2019).

During the Spring semester of 2019 he taught a new undergraduate course on the 'Sociology of Creativity' which will be given again in the Spring of 2020.

In December 2018 he was the main organizer of the symposium "Creativity in Art and Science" that took place at the Helsinki Collegium for Advanced Studies. Six of the talks have been filmed and are available on this page:

His newest paper, co-authored with Patrik Aspers, has been published in Qualitative Sociology, it is Open Access, and in about six months it has already been downloaded more than eight thousand times. 

Patrik Aspers and Ugo Corte. 2019. What is Qualitative in Qualitative Research. Qualitative Sociology, link:

Together with Gary Alan Fine and John N. Parker he is co-editing a special issue of the Social Psychology Quarterly on "The Social Psychology of Creativity" which is scheduled to be published in December 2019.

Selected Publications:

Corte, Ugo. 2013. A Refinement of Collaborative Circles Theory: Resource Mobilization and Innovation in an Emerging Sport. Social Psychology Quarterly 76(1):25?51.

Fine, Gary Alan, and Ugo Corte. 2017. Group Pleasures: Collaborative Commitments, Shared Narrative, and the Sociology of Fun. Sociological Theory 35, 1:64-86.

Parker, John, and Ugo Corte (equal authorship). 2017. Placing Collaborative Circles in Strategic Action Fields Explaining Differences between Highly Creative Groups. Sociological Theory 35(4): 261-287.

Corte, Ugo, and Bob Edwards. 2008. (lead article of first issue), White Power Music and The Mobilization of Racist Social Movements. Music and Arts in Action 1(1):4-20.

Corte, Ugo, and Katherine Irwin. 2017. The Form and Flow of Teaching Ethnographic Knowledge: Hands-on Approaches for Learning Epistemology. Teaching Sociology 45(3): 209-219.

Burns, Tom R., Ugo Corte, & Nora Machado. 2016. The Sociology of Creativity: PART III: Applications?The Socio-cultural Contexts of the Acceptance/Rejection of Innovations. Human Systems Management 35(1):11-34.

Burns, Tom R., Ugo Corte and Masoud Kamali. 2001. L?Evoluzione dei Parlamenti. Panorama Storico-Comparativo delle Assemblee Parlamentari e dei Processi di Decisione Politica, (The Evolution of Parliaments: An Historical and Comparative Analysis of Parliamentary Assemblies and Processes of Political Decision Making appeared in Storia d? Italia: Il Parlamento, Annali, n. 17, edited by Luciano Violante,Giulio Einaudi Editore (book chapter).

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Scientific publications (from Cristin)

  • Aspers, Patrik; Corte, Ugo (2019). What is Qualitative in Qualitative Research. Qualitative Sociology. ISSN 0162-0436. Volume 42. Booklet 2. p. 139-160. DOI: 10.1007/s11133-019-9413-7.
  • Corte, Ugo (2017). Placing Collaborative Circles in Strategic Action Fields: Explaining Differences between Highly Creative Groups. Sociological theory. ISSN 0735-2751. Volume 35. Booklet 4. p. 261-287.
  • Fine, Gary Alan; Corte, Ugo (2017). Group pleasures: Collaborative commitments, shared narrative, and the sociology of fun. Sociological theory. ISSN 0735-2751. Volume 35. Booklet 1. p. 64-86.