Et profilbilde

Erik De Vries { "honorific-suffix": "Researcher", "fn": "Erik De Vries", "tel": "Telephone: +47 51833572", "email": "" }

Faculty Faculty of Social Sciences
Department Department of Media and Social Sciences
Room EOJ SV-302

Courses taught

Research fields

  • Political Science
  • Communication Science
  • Computational Social Science

Selected publications

Research in progress

  • Document vs. Sentence: Measuring Actor-related Tone
  • The Giant Awakened: Presence of the EU in National News Coverage

Work experience

Methodological competences:

  • Website scraping
  • Supervised machine learning
  • Unsupervised machine learning
  • Data management
  • HTML/CSS/JS development
  • Python
  • R

Theoretical interests:

  • Agenda-setting
  • Journalism Studies
  • EU in the media

Scientific publications (from Cristin)