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Associate Professor
Idriss El-Thalji { "honorific-suffix": "Associate Professor", "fn": "Idriss El-Thalji", "tel": "Telephone: +47 51832794", "email": "" }

Faculty Faculty of Science and Technology
Department Department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering and Materials Science
Room KE E-202

Research fields

Predictive Health monitoring of machines

Wear evolution in rolling bearings

Systems engineering and architecturing of innovative systems

Industrial asset dynamics modelling and simulation

Engineering Education and learning methods

Selected publications

El-Thalji, I., & Jantunen, E. (2016). Wear evolution in rolling element bearings: A system model. International journal of Industrial and system engineering.


El-Thalji, I., & Jantunen, E., (2015) ?A summary of fault modelling and predictive health monitoring of rolling element bearings,? Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, pp. 1-21.


El-Thalji, I. & Jantunen, E (2015). Fault analysis of the wear fault development in rolling bearings, Engineering Failure Analysis, vol. 57, pp. 470-482.


El-Thalji, I. & Liyanage, J.P. (2015),"Grand features of system development in engineering asset management: A practitioner?s perspective within the wind energy sector", Engineering asset management review, Springer International publishing Switzerland.

El-Thalji, I. & Jantunen, E (2015). Dynamic modelling of wear evolution in rolling bearings, Tribology International, vol.84, pp. 90?99.


El-Thalji, I. & Jantunen, E (2014). A descriptive model of wear evolution in rolling bearings, Engineering Failure Analysis, vol. 45, pp. 204-224.

Research in progress

1. ARTecho project: Augmented Reality Applications for System Dynamics, Predictive Monitoring, and Analytics within Industrial Asset Management Lab.

Work experience

Scientific publications (from Cristin)

  • El-Thalji, Idriss (2018). Intelligent maintenance maturity of offshore oil and gas platform: A customized assessment model complies with industry 4.0 vision. ISEAM; 2018-09-24 - 2018-09-26.
  • El-Thalji, Idriss; Nordal, Helge (2018). Design for intelligent maintenance: A potential reference standard complies with industry 4.0 requirements. ISEAM; 2018-09-24 - 2018-09-26.
  • El-Thalji, Idriss; Nordal, Helge (2018). Intelligent Maintenance practices within Norwegian continental shelf toward Industry 4.0 vision: An overview. ISEAM; 2018-09-24 - 2018-09-26.