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Subal Chandra Kumbhakar { "honorific-suffix": "Professor", "fn": "Subal Chandra Kumbhakar", "tel": "", "email": "" }

Faculty UiS Business School
Department Department of Innovation, Management and Marketing

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Scientific publications (from Cristin)

  • Alem, Habtamu; Lien, Gudbrand; Kumbhakar, Subal Chandra; Hardaker, J. Brian (2019). Economies of scale and scope among the Norwegian dairy and crop farms. 2019-06-10 - 2019-06-13.
  • Kumbhakar, Subal Chandra; Mydland, Ørjan; Musau, Andrew; Lien, Gudbrand (2018). Disentangling persistent and transient technical and allocative inefficiency: The case of Norwegian electricity distribution firms. 2018-06-12 - 2018-06-15.
  • Alem, Habtamu; Lien, Gudbrand; Kumbhakar, Subal Chandra; J. Brian, Hardaker (2017). Economies of Scale and Scope among the Norwegian Dairy and Crop-producing Farms: a regional analysis using flexible technology approach. European Association of Agricultural Economists (EAAE); 2017-08-28 - 2017-09-01.
  • Lien, Gudbrand; Kumbhakar, Subal Chandra; Alem, Habtamu (2016). Determinants of Short- and Long-Run Efficiency: A study of crop production in Norway. Pusan National University; 2016-12-13.
  • Lien, Gudbrand; Amundsveen, Roar; Kvile, Hilde Marit; Kumbhakar, Subal Chandra (2012). Scale economies, technical change and efficiency in Norwegian electricity distribution 1998-2010". 2012-12-07 - 2012-12-08.
  • Lien, Gudbrand; Kumbhakar, Subal Chandra (2012). Estimation of technological change using cross-sectional data. 2012-12-07 - 2012-12-08.