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Jutta Lechterbeck { "honorific-suffix": "Associate Professor", "fn": "Jutta Lechterbeck", "tel": "Telephone: +47 51834077", "email": "" }

Faculty Museum of Archaeology
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Scientific publications (from Cristin)

  • Lechterbeck, Jutta (2017). Ackerbauern und Viehzüchter. Archäologie in Deutschland. ISSN 0176-8522. Volume 3. p. 20-21.
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  • Lechterbeck, Jutta; Kleinmann, Angelika; Roesch, Manfred; Wick, Lucia (2014). Botanical off-site and on-site data as indicators of different land use systems. A discussion with examples from Southwest Germany.. Vegetation History and Archaeobotany. ISSN 0939-6314. Volume 23. p. 121-133.
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  • Lechterbeck, Jutta; Kerig, Tim (2004). Laminated Sediments, Human Impact, and a Multivariate Approach: A case study in linking palynology and archaeology (Lake Steisslingen, South-West Germany). Quaternary International. ISSN 1040-6182. Volume 113. p. 19-39.
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