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Gro Ellen Mathisen { "honorific-suffix": "Professor", "fn": "Gro Ellen Mathisen", "tel": "Telephone: +47 51833769", "email": "" }

Faculty Faculty of Social Sciences
Department Department of Social Studies
Room EAL H-314

Gro Ellen Mathisen is professor in HR and organisational psychology.  She has published articles about creative work climates, creative leadership, creative self-efficacy, work place harassment, and group dynamics in corporate boards of directors. Gro Ellen has extensive experience with presenting her research for organisations and leadership groups. She has seven years experience from a large oil & gas company as advisor, leader and manager within HR and HSE. 

Research fields

Main research interests: 

- Team work including creativity in teams, conflicts and controversy, diversity, and other kinds of team dynamic. 
- Leadership behavior including creative leadership and destructive leadership
- Collaboration and conflicts at work 
- Psychosocial work environments 

Selected publications

·       Mathisen, G. E. & Garnes, S. (2015) Board Roles and Innovative climates in Tourist Organisations Boards. Accepted for publication in Scandinavian Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research

·       Garnes, S. & Mathisen G. E. (2014). Organizational commitment of directors in collaborative tourist organizations: Mediating effects of boardroom behavior. Journal of Travel Research, 53 (4), 448-461.

·       Mathisen G. E., Ogaard, T., Marnburg, E. (2013). Women in the board rooms: How do female directors of corporate boards perceive boardroom dynamics? Journal of Business Ethics, 116(1), 87-97.

·       Garnes, S. & Mathisen, G. E. (2013). Destination decision makers: Developing a strategic orientation scale. International Journal of Tourism Policy, 4(3), 261-271.

·       Mathisen, G. E., Øgaard, T., Einarsen, S. (2012). Individual and Situational Antecedents of Workplace Victimization. International Journal of Manpower. 33(5), 539-555.

·       Mathisen, G. E., Einarsen, S., & Mykletun, R.(2012). Creative leaders promote creative organizations. International Journal of Manpower, 33(4), 367-382.

·       Mathisen, G. E. (2011). Organizational antecedents of creative self-efficacy. Creativity and Innovation Management, 20, 185-195.

·       Mathisen, G. E., Einarsen, S., Mykletun, R. (2011). The relationship between supervisor personality, supervisors? perceived stress and work place bullying. Journal of Business Ethics, 99(4), 637-651.

·       Mathisen, G. E., & Brønnick, K. (2009). Creative Self-Efficacy: an Intervention Study. International Journal of Educational Research, 48, 21-29. (Nivå 2).

·       Mathisen, G. E., Einarsen, S., & Mykletun, R. (2008). The occurrences and correlates of bullying and harassment in the restaurant sector. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 49, 59-68.

·       Mathisen, G. E., Martinsen, Ø., & Einarsen, S. (2008). The relationship between creative personality composition, innovative team climate, and team innovativeness: an input ? process ? output perspective. Journal of Creative Behavior, 42, 13-31.

·       Mathisen, G. E., Torsheim, T., & Einarsen, S. (2006). The team level model of climate for innovation: a two-level confirmatory factor analysis. Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology, 79, 23-35. (Nivå 2).

·         Mathisen, G. E., & Ekelund, B. Z. (2004). Team Climate Inventory: et mål på innovativt klima i grupper og team (Team Climate Inventory: Assessing innovative climate in groups and teams). Journal of the Norwegian Psychologist Association, 41, 998-1001.

·       Mathisen, G. E., Einarsen, S., Jørstad, K., Brønnick, K. S. (2004). Climate for work group creativity and innovation: Norwegian validation of the team climate inventory (TCI). Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 45, 383-392.

·       Mathisen, G. E., & Einarsen, S. (2004). A review of instruments assessing creative and innovative environments within organizations. Journal of Creativity Research, 16, 119-140.

Research in progress

Mathisen, G. E. & Berg Linn Iren Vestly- Self-reported errors and violations within the oil and gas industry: Engagement, health complaints and well-being as explanatory factors. Manuscript in preparation.

Work experience

2015 ?   Full professor University of Stavanger

2008 - 2015: Several positions in Statoil ASA: Manager Health and Working Environment, Leading Consultant Corporate University, Leader of Occupational Health and Working Environment, Advisor Corporate HR Organisational Capability and Change 

Aug 2010 ? Jan 2014: 10% position as Associate Professor at University of Stavanger. Full professor from 2012

2005 - 2008: Associate professor, University of Stavanger.

2004: Assistant Professor, University of Stavanger.

2002 ? 2008: Own consultancy beside job at University at Stavanger.

1999 - 2004: PhD student, University of Stavanger.

1997 - 1999:  Assistant Professor, University of Stavanger. 

1996: Clinical psychologist. Arbeidsrådgivningskontoret i Hordaland.

Scientific publications (from Cristin)

  • Derdowski, Lukasz Andrzej; Mathisen, Gro Ellen (2019). Psychosocial factors at work and their associations with safety outcomes in the context of high-risk industries. Petroleumstilsynet. 74 p.
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