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Paul Henry Nadeau { "honorific-suffix": "Professor", "fn": "Paul Henry Nadeau", "tel": "Telephone: +47 51831540", "email": "" }

Faculty Faculty of Science and Technology
Department Department of Energy Resources
Room KE E-331
Priv. phone/mob +47 95700970
Notes Geoscience Advisor, Arkadia Resources

Courses taught

Research fields

Petroleum Geoscience & Reservoir Geology

Global and Norwegian Continental Shelf Exploration

Basin & Risk Analysis

Mineralogy & Diagenesis

Selected publications

75. Nadeau, P.H., 2011, Lessons Learned from the Golden Zone Concept for Understanding Overpressure Development, and Drilling Safety in Energy Exploration. Deepwater Horizon Study Group, Working Paper - Janurary 2011, 18 p.

74. Nadeau, P.H., 2011, Earth's energy "Golden Zone": A synthesis from mineralogical research. Clay Minerals, 46, 1-24.

73. Ehrenberg, S.N., Nadeau, P.H., and Steen, Ø., 2009, Petroleum reservoir porosity versus depth: Influence of geological age. AAPG Bulletin, 93, 1281-1296.

72. Ehrenberg, S.N., Aqrawi, A.A.M. & Nadeau, P.H., 2008, An overview of reservoir quality in producing Cretaceous strata of the Middle East. Petroleum Geoscience, 14, 307-318.

71. Nadeau, P.H., 2008, Geological controls on the distribution of hydrocarbons in sedimentary basins: The impact of the Golden Zone on estimates for conventional oil & gas resources. 33rd Int. Geological Congress, Oslo, Abstract GEP-03606L.

70. Ehrenberg, S.N., Nadeau, P.H. & Steen, Ø., 2008, A megascale view of reservoir quality in producing sandstones from the offshore Gulf of Mexico. AAPG Bulletin, 92, 145-164.

69. Steen, Ø. & Nadeau, P.H., 2007, A Global Overview of the Temperature Gradients in Continental Basins and Their Relationship with Tectonic Settings. AAPG Annual Convention, Long Beach, California, USA, AAPG Search and Discover Article #90063.

68. Nadeau, P.H., Meyer, E., Aronson, J., C. Riediger, M. Fowler, Hillier, S. & M. Asgar-Deen, 2007, Origin of the Alberta Oil Sands bitumen deposits: Isotopic Evidence from K-bentonites in key source rock horizons. CMS Annual Meeting, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA, Program Abstracts, p. 127.

67. Ehrenberg, S.N., Nadeau, P.H. & Aqrawi, A.A.M., 2007, A comparison of Khuff and Arab reservoir potential throughout the Middle East.AAPG Bulletin, 91, 275-286.

Research in progress

Reservoir geology, production efficiency and economics, with Alex Morales, Dept. Geology & Petroleum Geology, University of Aberdeen.

Work experience

11/2011 ? Present Geoscience Advisor, Arkadia Resources, Stavanger, Norway

Consultant services for Global Exploration, Reservoir Geology

and Energy Policy.

5/1992 ? 2/2012 Geological Specialist, Advisor,

Statoil, Stavanger, Norway

Global Exploration: Basin Evaluation, Petroleum Systems

Analysis, & Risk Assessment.

Global Sub-surface Data Bases, Reserve Volumes.

(4/1986 ? 11/1987) Reservoir Quality: Sandstone& Clay


8/1988 ? 4/1992 Research Specialist,

Exxon Production Research Co., Houston, TX

Formation Evaluation, Experimental Petrophysics,

Clay Mineral Synthesis, Division Safety Award.

10/1982 ? 4/1986 Visiting Research Scientist, Macaulay Institute, Aberdeen, Scotland(now James Hutton Institute

Interstratified Clay Minerals/XRD-TEM Studies/

Interparticle Diffraction Theory/Fundamental Particle Model/Clay Material Science & Patents.

3/1982 ? 9/1982 Technical Advisor,

The GEOSat Committee, San Francisco, CA

Satellite Remote Sensing for Resources Exploration Consortium, NASA JPL Test Case Report, Published by AAPG

9/1980 ? 3/1982 Exploration Geologist,

The Anschutz Corporation, Denver, CO

Frontier Exploration, Rocky Mountains,

Rio Grande Rift, Remote Sensing Methods.

Scientific publications (from Cristin)

  • Baig, Mirza Hassan; Nermoen, Anders (veileder); Andersen, Pål Østebø (veileder); Nadeau, Paul Henry (veileder); Austvoll, Ivar (veileder) (2018). Digital Image Analysis for Petrophysical Evaluation. Universitetet i Stavanger. 84 p.
  • Klewiah, Isaac; Berawala, Dhruvit Satishchandra; Walker, Hans Christian Alexander; Andersen, Pål Østebø; Nadeau, Paul Henry; Yu, Zhixin (2019). Opportunities for increased energy recovery and carbon sequestration in shales - reversing climate change?. The National IOR Centre of Norway; 2019-03-19 - 2019-03-20.
  • Baig, Mirza Hassan; Nermoen, Anders; Nadeau, Paul Henry; Andersen, Pål Østebø; Austvoll, Ivar (2018). Digital Image Analysis of Thin Sections for Petrophysical Properties. FORCE;
  • Baig, Mirza Hassan; Nermoen, Anders; Nadeau, Paul Henry; Andersen, Pål Østebø; Austvoll, Ivar (2018). Petrographic Properties Evaluation by Digital Image Analysis of Thin Sections. The National IOR Centre of Norway;