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Associate Professor
Tyson Ashley Retz { "honorific-suffix": "Associate Professor", "fn": "Tyson Ashley Retz", "tel": "Telephone: +47 51833021", "email": "" }

Faculty Faculty of Arts and Education
Department Department of Cultural Studies and Languages
Notes Room: HG Q-247

B.A. / Dip.Lang. (Adelaide)

M.Ed. (Melbourne)

Ph.D. History (Melbourne)  

Research fields

Philosophy of History
European Intellectual History 
History and Philosophy of the Humanities
History Education 

Selected publications


Tyson Retz, Empathy and History: Historical Understanding in Re-enactment, Hermeneutics and Education (New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2018).


Tyson Retz (guest editor), Educational Philosophy and Theory 49, 6 (2017), history education special issue. See also the introduction. 


Tyson Retz and Stuart Macintyre, 'The Honours Conception of History', History Australia 15, 4 (2018), 804-22. 

Tyson Retz, 'Why Re-enactment is not Empathy, Once and for All', Journal of the Philosophy of History 11, 4 (2017), 606-23.

Tyson Retz, 'The Structure of Historical Inquiry', Educational Philosophy and Theory 49, 6 (2017), 606-17.

Tyson Retz, 'At the Interface: Academic History, School History and the Philosophy of History', Journal of Curriculum Studies 48, 4 (2016), 503-17. 

Tyson Retz, 'History, the Philosophy of History and History Education', Agora (Sungraphô) 50, 1 (2015), 4-11.

Tyson Retz, 'A Moderate Hermeneutical Approach to Empathy in History Education', Educational Philosophy and Theory 47, 3 (2015), 214-26.


Tyson Retz, 'Against Empathy in History?' Public History Weekly 6 (2018) 27. 


Tyson Retz, 'Teaching Empathy and the Critical Examination of Historical Evidence', in Tim Allender, Anna Clark and Robert Parkes (eds), Historical Thinking for History Teachers (Sydney: Allen and Unwin).  

Research in progress

I am participating in the ERC project, based at Tallinn University, "Between the Times: Embattled Temporalities in Interwar Europe".

I am investigating the methodology of "historical reeenactment", using as a starting point the concept of re-enactment found in the philosophy of history.

I am evaluating the rise of historical consciousness alongside theories of secularisation, focusing in particular on the religious worldviews and philosophical paradigms behind the concept of "scientific history".  

Work experience