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Tyson Ashley Retz { "honorific-suffix": "Associate Professor", "fn": "Tyson Ashley Retz", "tel": "Telephone: +47 51833021", "email": "" }

Faculty Faculty of Arts and Education
Department Department of Cultural Studies and Languages
Notes Room: HG O-237

I received my first degree in international politics from the University of Adelaide and worked subsequently as a parliamentary researcher. I then completed master's studies at the University of Melbourne while working as a secondary school teacher of history and French. This research provided the foundation for my PhD in history, conducted jointly with philosophy, on the history and function of empathy in historical studies, a dual exploration of empathy's intellectual and educational history and an analysis of its methodological problems. My research since has explored themes such as re-enactment, history as a discipline, and the concept of progress in different varieties of liberalism in the twentieth century.

Research fields

Philosophy of History
European Intellectual History 
History and Philosophy of the Humanities
History Education 

Selected publications


Tyson Retz, Empathy and History: Historical Understanding in Re-enactment, Hermeneutics and Education (New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books, 2018).


Tyson Retz (guest editor), Educational Philosophy and Theory 49, 6 (2017), history education special issue. See also the introduction. 


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Tyson Retz, 'Against Empathy in History?' Public History Weekly 6 (2018) 27.

Research in progress

'Inside Historical Re-enactment', eds Mario Carretero et al.

'Empathy', Bloomsbury History: Theory and Method, eds Stefan Berger et al.

'Didactics', Routledge Companion to History and Theory, ed. Chiel van den Akker.

Review: Theories of History: History Read across the Humanities, eds Michael J. Kelly and Arthur Rose (Bloomsbury, 2018), Journal of Cognitive Historiography.

History, Science and Politics: Popper and Collingwood's Method for Progress in Interwar Europe.

Work experience

Scientific publications (from Cristin)

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