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Associate Professor
Lars Yngve Rosell { "honorific-suffix": "Associate Professor", "fn": "Lars Yngve Rosell", "tel": "Telephone: +47 51833432", "email": "" }

Faculty Faculty of Arts and Education
Department Department of Early Childhood Education
Room HL K-262

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Scientific publications (from Cristin)

  • Rosell, Lars Yngve; Røthle, Monika Anna (2018). Expressions in play. In: Supporting toddlers´wellbeing in early years settings : strategies and Tools for practitioners and teacher. Jessica Kingsley Publishers. ISBN 9781785922626. p. 132-160.
  • Rosell, Lars Yngve; Røthle, Monika Anna (2018). Små barns stemme og uttrykksmåter. TOWE-project Erasmus+. ISBN 0000000000000. 22 p.
  • Rosell, Lars Yngve; Røthle, Monika Anna (2018). TOWE Case Study Report Enhancing Opportunities for Toddlers' Wellbeing. TOWE-project. 13 p.
  • Zachrisen, Berit; Fugelsnes, Kristin; Berge, Anita; Eidsvåg, Gunnar Magnus; Johansson, Eva Marianne; Rosell, Lars Yngve; Røthle, Monika Anna; Tofteland, Berit (2019). Politics of Belonging. Collectivities in Norwegian Preschools. UiS; 2019-01-09 - 2019-01-12.
  • Johansson, Eva Marianne; Tofteland, Berit; Röthle, Monika; Fugelsnes, Kristin; Berge, Anita; Zachrisen, Berit; Rosell, Lars Yngve; Eidsvåg, Gunnar Magnus (2018). Tilhørighet i barnehagen er et eksistensielt behov.
  • Rosell, Lars Yngve; Røthle, Monika Anna (2017). Småbarns trivsel, kompetanseheving for barnehagepersonale. Sandnes kommune og Institutt for barnehagelærerutdanning; 2017-12-07.
  • Røthle, Monika Anna; Rosell, Lars Yngve (2017). Listening to toddlers' voice and expressions. European Early Childhood Education Research Association; 2017-08-29 - 2017-09-01.
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  • Røthle, Monika Anna; Rosell, Lars Yngve (2016). Toddlers voice and expressions. Kingston University, Faculty of Education; 2016-03-15.
  • Rosell, Lars Yngve (2012). Encounter between peers – continuity, dissonance and alteration in the children’s communication.. EECERA; 2012-08-30 - 2012-09-01.
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  • Rosell, Lars Yngve (2010). Ethical questions using video observation in a study of 1-3 years old children. Paper Presentation inside the Symposium CARING, DISCIPLINED AND DEMOCRATIC GIRLS AND BOYS IN PRE-SCHOOL. OMEP; 2010-08-11 - 2010-08-13.