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Jörn Schulz { "honorific-suffix": "Associate Professor", "fn": "Jörn Schulz", "tel": "Telephone: +47 51832028", "email": "" }

Faculty Faculty of Science and Technology
Department Department of Mathematics and Physics

Courses taught

Research fields

My current main research focuses on the statistical analysis and modeling of medical data including longitudinal, time series and 3D data such as shapes of 3D objects.

This context includes developing and application of methods including generalized linear models and reasonable object parameterization as much as working with nonlinear high dimension low sample size data. This open a wide area for new nonlinear statistical approaches to perform similar techniques like Principal Component Analysis (PCA) and Distance Weighted Discrimination (DWD) on manifolds.

Selected publications

Research in progress

Work experience

Scientific publications (from Cristin)

  • Sone, Izumi; Blikra, Marthe Jordbrekk; Schulz, Jörn; Feyissa, Aberham H. (2017). OPTIMAL – Developing a decision support tool for optimization of process and product quality. Nofima AS. ISBN 978-82-8296-484-5. 22 p.
  • Schulz, Jörn; Kim, Byungwon; Jung, Sungkyu (2019). Data beyond the euclidean space. 2019-11-21 - 2019-11-23.
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  • Schulz, Jörn (2017). State transition probabilities during resuscitation of newborns in Safer Births. 2017-03-09 - 2017-03-10.
  • Schulz, Jörn; Kim, Byung Won; Huckemann, Stephan; Jung, Sungkyu (2017). Small-sphere distributions for directional data with application to rotationally deformed objects. 2017-12-16 - 2017-12-18.
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