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Senior Engineer
Ola Ketil Siqveland { "honorific-suffix": "Senior Engineer", "fn": "Ola Ketil Siqveland", "tel": "Telephone: +47 51832292", "email": "" }

Faculty Faculty of Science and Technology
Department Department of Energy and Petroleum Engineering
Laboratory IPT
Room KE E-342

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Scientific publications (from Cristin)

  • Skjæveland, Svein Magne; Siqveland, Ola Ketil (2017). JCR-7 Monograph: North Sea Chalk. Universitetet i Stavanger. ISBN 978-82-7644-733-0. 401 p.
  • Sachdeva, Jaspreet Singh; Nermoen, Anders; Madland, Merete Vadla; Korsnes, Reidar Inge; Siqveland, Ola Ketil (2016). Which processes are at play during water induced compaction of wettability altered chalks?. The National IOR Centre of Norway; 2016-04-25 - 2016-04-27.
  • Lad, Unn H. a; Hiorth, Aksel; Siqveland, Ola Ketil; Skjæveland, Svein M (2009). Revisiting Two-Phase NMR Data with a new Inversion Routine Using a Triangular Pores Model for Wettability Estimation. 2009-09-27 - 2009-09-30.
  • Megawati, Megawati; Hiorth, Aksel; Siqveland, Ola Ketil; Korsnes, Reidar I.; Kristiansen, Tron Golder; Madland, M. V. (2009). Pore-water Distribution from NMR to Study Water-induced Compaction in High-porosity Chalk. 2009-04-27 - 2009-04-29.
  • Kolnes, Jostein; Hiorth, Aksel; Siqveland, Ola Ketil; Omdal, Edvard; Zangiabadi, Bizhan; Madland, M. V. (2008). CONTACT ANGLE MEASUREMENTS ON CALCITE USING MODEL OILS. 2008-10-26 - 2008-10-28.
  • Hiorth, Aksel; Kaster, Krista; Lohne, Arild; Siqveland, Ola Ketil; Berland, Harald; Giske, Nils H.; Stavland, Arne (2007). MICROBIAL ENHANCED OIL RECOVERY - MECHANISM. 2007-09-10 - 2007-09-12.
  • Højgaard à Lad, Unn; Siqveland, Ola Ketil; Kolnes, Jostein; Hiorth, Aksel; Skjæveland, Svein M (2005). Improved Method for Measuring Surface Relaxivity. 2005-08-22 - 2005-08-25.
  • Siqveland, Ola Ketil; Skjæveland, Svein M (2002). Aging Time Control by NMR Relaxation. 2002-03-12 - 2002-03-15.