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Associate Professor
Sudath C. Siriwardane { "honorific-suffix": "Associate Professor", "fn": "Sudath C. Siriwardane", "tel": "Telephone: +47 51832177", "email": "" }

Faculty Faculty of Science and Technology
Department Department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering and Materials Science
Room KE E-236

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Scientific publications (from Cristin)

  • Mitao, Ohga; Kamal, Karunananda; Siriwardane, S.A. Sudath C. (2011). Condition assessment and maintenance of bridges by reliability concept. Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN 978-3-8443-0226-4. 88 p.
  • Mitao, Ohga; Siriwardane, S.A. Sudath C. (2011). Fatigue Life of Steel Structures under Service and Ultimate Loadings: Recent Concepts, Formulations and Case studies. Lambert Academic Publishing. ISBN 978-3-8443-2687-1. 176 p.
  • Siriwardane, S.A. Sudath C.; Mitao, Ohga; Dissanayake, Ranjith; Tatsumasa, Kaita (2009). “Remaining fatigue life estimation of existing railway bridges”, Railway Transportation: Policies, Technology and Perspectives. Nova Science Publishers, Inc.. ISBN 978-1-60692-8639. 37 p.
  • Hemashrif, Rahela L.; Aeran, Ashish; Siriwardane, S.A. Sudath C. (2018). Mitigation Measures For Degraded Offshore Jacket Structures: A Framework And Its Application. 2018-09-06 - 2018-09-07.
  • Vestli, Herman; Lemu, Hirpa G.; Svendsen, Bjørn T.; Gabrielsen, Ole; Siriwardane, S.A. Sudath C. (2017). Case Studies on Structural Health Monitoring of Offshore Bottom-fixed Steel Structures. ISOPE; 2017-06-25 - 2017-06-30.
  • Adasooriya, Mudiyan Nirosha Damayanthi; Siriwardane, S.A. Sudath C. (2015). Remaining Fatigue Life Estimation of Railway Bridge Members Subjected to Time-dependent Corrosion. 2015-09-23 - 2015-09-25.
  • Kajolli, Redion; Siriwardane, S.A. Sudath C.; Gudmestad, Ove Tobias (2015). Application of new damage indicator-based sequential law to estimate fatigue life of offshore jacket structures. 2015-05-25 - 2015-05-27.
  • Kvalvåg, Renate; Christerssion, Andreas; Siriwardane, S.A. Sudath C. (2015). Testing for Load Capacity of Pad Eyes used in Offshore Lifting Operations. 2015-09-23 - 2015-09-25.
  • Maheswaran, Jeron; Siriwardane, S.A. Sudath C. (2015). Stress Concentration Factors of Tubular Joints in Offshore Jacket Structure: A comparative study. 2015-09-23 - 2015-09-25.
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