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Research Fellow
Une Elisabeth Stømer { "honorific-suffix": "Research Fellow", "fn": "Une Elisabeth Stømer", "tel": "Telephone: +47 51832783", "email": "" }

Faculty Faculty of Health Sciences
Department Department of Quality and Health Technology

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Scientific publications (from Cristin)

  • Stømer, Une Elisabeth (2018). Health literacy og livskvalitet hos pasienter med kronisk nyresykdom. LivsForsk; 2018-09-18 - 2018-09-19.
  • Stømer, Une Elisabeth (2018). Trenger vi utdanning for å være pasient. Forskningsrådet; 2018-09-25.
  • Stømer, Une Elisabeth; Gøransson, Lasse; Wahl, Astrid Klopstad; Urstad, Kristin Hjorthaug (2018). Health literacy in patients With CKD stages 3-5. ERA-EDTA; 2018-05-24 - 2018-05-27.
  • Stømer, Une Elisabeth; Wahl, Astrid Klopstad; Gøransson, Lasse; Urstad, Kristin Hjorthaug (2018). Health literacy in patients With Chronic Kidney Disease: Associations With self-reported adherence to long-term therapy. Boston Medical Center; 2018-10-22 - 2018-10-23.
  • Stømer, Une Elisabeth; Gøransson, Lasse (2015). Antikoagulasjon vid hemodialyse. Endred prosedyre reduserte dosen.