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Senior Engineer
Wakshum Mekonnen Tucho { "honorific-suffix": "Senior Engineer", "fn": "Wakshum Mekonnen Tucho", "tel": "Telephone: +47 51832511", "email": "" }

Faculty Faculty of Science and Technology
Department Department of Mechanical and Structural Engineering and Materials Science
Laboratory IMBM
Room IL L-127

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Scientific publications (from Cristin)

  • Tucho, Wakshum Mekonnen; Venvik, Hilde Johnsen; Walmsley, John C; Bredesen, Rune; Holmestad, Randi (2008). Permeation and microstructure studies of Pd-Ag membranes for H2 separation. NTNU Nanolab; 2008-03-06.
  • Ramachandran, Amutha; Peters, Thijs A.; Mejdell, Astrid Lervik; Stange, M.; Klette, Hallgeir; Tucho, Wakshum Mekonnen; Borg, Anne; Holmestad, Randi; Bredesen, Rune (2007). AFM, XPS and TEM investigations of the stability of supported PdAg membranes under WGS conditions. 2007-06-05 - 2007-06-07.
  • Tucho, Wakshum Mekonnen; Mejdell, Astrid Lervik; Klette, Hallgeir; Walmsley, John C; Holmestad, Randi; Bredesen, Rune (2007). H2 permeation and microstructure studies of 1.5 µm Pd/Ag membranes. 2007-06-05 - 2007-06-07.
  • Tucho, Wakshum Mekonnen; Walmsley, John C; Holmestad, Randi; Mejdell, Astrid Lervik; Venvik, Hilde Johnsen; Bredesen, Rune; Klette, Hallgeir (2007). Microstructural studies of thin self-supported Pd/Ag membranes tested in air and in inert gas: a comparative study. 2007-06-08.
  • Arstad, Bjørnar; Venvik, Hilde Johnsen; Aardal, Brynjar Fausk; Klette, Hallgeir; Walmsley, John; Tucho, Wakshum Mekonnen; Bredesen, Rune; Holmen, Anders (2006). Studies of self-supported 1.6 um thich Pd/23 wt.% Ag membranes during and after hydrogen production by steam reforming of methanol in a catalytic membrane reactor. 2006-02-06 - 2006-02-08.
  • Tucho, Wakshum Mekonnen; Holmestad, Randi; Walmsley, John C.; Arstad, Bjørnar; Klette, Hallgeir; Venvik, Hilde Johnsen (2006). Microstructural Characterization of Free-Standing Pd/Ag Membranes for Hydrogen Separation. 2006-06-25 - 2006-06-29.