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Lillian Vederhus { "honorific-suffix": "External Consultant", "fn": "Lillian Vederhus", "tel": "", "email": "" }

Faculty Faculty of Social Sciences
Department Department of Media and Social Sciences

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Scientific publications (from Cristin)

  • Pan, Yushan; Vederhus, Lillian; Hildre, Hans-Petter (2015). Procedure verification using customized training facilities in offshore simulator environments: Experiences from a specific subsea case - A report. Høgskolen i Ålesund. 10 p.
  • Vederhus, Lillian (2015). IMPROVE. Report and reflections based on workshop/cooperating visit, San Francisco/Palo Alto/Menlo Park/Stanford, December 2014. Høgskolen i Ålesund. 38 p.
  • Pan, Yushan; Homlong, Eirik; Vederhus, Lillian; Hildre, Hans-Petter (2016). The Grassroots of Strategically Preparing Specialists for Subsea Operations: Using a Simulator as a Tool. International Association for Probabilistic Safety Assessmen; 2016-10-02 - 2016-10-07.
  • Vederhus, Lillian (2016). Tailoring Ties: Network Metrics for Safety and Efficiency Purposes in Complex Operations. IUPsyS; 2016-07-24 - 2016-07-29.
  • Vederhus, Lillian (2014). Cultivating Safety and Managing Crisis or Extreme Contexts: The Dimensions of Causal Reference Concepts. IACR - International Association of Critical Realism; 2014-07-18 - 2014-07-21.
  • Vederhus, Lillian; Ødegård, Atle; Nistad, Steinar; Aarset, Magne; Håvold, Jon Ivar (2013). Perceived Demands in Integrated Offshore Operations. 2013-06-17 - 2013-06-19.
  • Vederhus, Lillian (2012). Communication in Complex Maritime Operations. 2012-09-27 - 2012-09-28.
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  • Amponsah, Benjamin; Krekling, Sturla; Vederhus, Lillian (1997). Patterns of sex differences in visual-spatial ability from preadolescence to adulthood are similar in Ghana and Norway. [Mangler data];
  • Amponsah, Benjamin; Krekling, Sturla; Vederhus, Lillian (1997). Patterns of sex differences in visual-spatial ability from preadolesence to adulthood are similar in Ghana and Norway. [Mangler data];
  • Vederhus, Lillian; Krekling, Sturla (1996). Sex differences in visual spatial ability in 9-year-old children. IUPsyS; 1996-08-16 - 1996-08-21.
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