Entrepreneurial winners through debt claims and football

An IT platform to recover debts and an app to keep track of football players’ development meant victory for Aalborg University students in two categories in the entrepreneurship competition Venture Cup final.

(First published 6 February, 2014)

Investors and sports clubs are interested in the solutions, and the two groups have a bet going on generating the most turnover the first year.

In the category Mobile & Web, three international students turned their enthusiasm for football into an app called «LevelUP» that gathers statistics on player performance and helps them improve.

Active player
Team leader and initiator Miklós Emődy of Hungary has played football from an early age and in addition to his studies at Aalborg University he is now active in Aalborg Studenternes Idrætsforening.

The target group for him and his entrepreneurial colleagues, Ivan Dimitrov of Bulgaria and Tomáš Bukoven of Slovakia, is initially amateurs and semi-professional teams. But they draw inspiration from elite clubs' use of technology based on the slogan «Bringing Pro to Every Level.»

Reputation and cred
«We’ve already discussed the idea with representatives from AaB and DBU and we’re looking forward to talking more with them soon. The effect of winning in the final goes far beyond the 25,000 kroner. It gives us a reputation and credibility, and I think it will open many doors for us,» says Miklós Emődy.

The 23-year-old from Hungary is pretty amazed by everything that has happened since he came to Denmark in September with a Bachelor's degree in international trade and a plan to use the Master's programs in innovation and entrepreneurship as a springboard for starting his own business:

«It’s incredible when you look back on it. I met the others on a startup weekend in November, and now we’ve won a nationwide competition with 1000 other university students and 350 participating teams, in another country, in a foreign language. It’s crazy. That’s why in the thank-you speech at the final it was important for me to thank the Danes for the warm welcome and for giving those of us who come from other countries the same opportunities to compete and win in this competition in Denmark.»

Software weapon
The other winning AAU team won in the category «People and Society» for the debt collection solution "Debito" that will make it easier for businesses to collect money from debtors.

Today, it is typically a major challenge that companies spend too much time on as well as too much extra money when for example they need a lawyer. Debito makes it possible to demand the debt be paid through a user-friendly IT platform that sends the information on to an external collection agency partner who takes care of the rest.

The visibility in Venture Cup has already gotten investors to turn to Debito. According to co-founder Morten Henriksen from the MSc Auditing program, several investment firms invited him and Christoffer Baadsgaard, a graduate of the Medialogy program, for a talk about possible support for the project with «an amount in the millions.

Aalborg Venture Cup Winners

Venture Cup Winners