New Twin Programme in Mechanical Engineering

On 23 September 2016, the rectors of the University of Aveiro, Kaunas, Linköping, Stavanger, Tec de Monterrey and Twente signed the agreement for the first ECIU Twin Programme in Mechanical Engineering.

Mechanical engineering students in the lab. Mechanical engineering students in the lab at UiS.

The ECIU Twin Programmes is a new form of exchange within ECIU, making better use of the variety of programme offers within the Consortium. 

Groups of students get the chance to go for a semester to an ECIU university and follow pre-designed modules there with complementary specialisations. A Twin Programme is a pre-organised set of course units in the field of mechanical engineering, totalling up to 30 ECTS. Recognition of the ECTS is guaranteed.


The programme directors of Mechanical Engineering have reached agreement in advance on the combination of modules to be followed by the students. All courses are in English. The Twin Programme initiative targets mainly bachelor students in their third or fourth year.

After successfully passing the full course load of the exchange semester, students will receive a specific ECIU certificate.

Improved mobility

Improving conditions for student mobility, and enhancing the numbers of outgoing students, have been aims for the ECIU since its foundation in 1997.

The ECIU Twin Programme initiative would like to encourage students to on exchanges to other ECIU institutions, making best use of the possibilities and information available within the Consortium.

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