Getting to the University of Stavanger

The University of Stavanger has three campus sites: The main campus at Ullandhaug, the Bjergsted campus for Music and Dance and the Archaelogical Museum at Våland.

The main campus is a knowledge park which, in addition to the university, includes the following institutions (links in new windows):

The Faculty of Performing Arts is located in Bjergsted and the Archaeological Museum is located in Våland in the city centre.

The three university campuses are described in detail, down to individual rooms, auditoriums and canteens, in our electronic map service, MazeMap.


If you are visiting our main campus for the first time please check our interactive map. Here you will find a detailed description of the buildings.

As parking on the Ullandhaug campus is limited, we encourage visitors to use bicycle or public transport.

Parking on campus is free, however please be aware of reserved places or other parking spots requiring authorized access. Parking here or other reserved places will result in a parking ticket or your car may be towed at your own expense.

Link to Public Transport

Transport to Ullandhaug:

We encourage visitors to use public transport to the University as parking is limited.

From the airport:

You can take the airport bus (Flybussen) which runs through the campus and costs 117 NOK.
Check out the timetable and get tickets   

 A taxi will cost approximately 350 NOK. 


The following bus routes can be taken directly to UiS:

  • From Stavanger city centre: routes 6, 7, X60 and X90
  • From Randaberg: route X76
  • From Forus: route X76
  • From Sandnes: routes 6 and X60
  • From Sola: route 7 (this route does not depart from the airport)
  • From Haugesund/Egersund/Bjerkreim/Ålgård/ Sandnes: route E90

More information on bus schedules to and from the university can be found here:


Stavanger Railway station is situated downtown Stavanger, opposite of the bus terminal, Byterminal. It offers regular service between Stavanger and Oslo. The journey takes approximately eight hours. In addition, there are frequent departures to Kristiansand, a journey of approximately three hours.

More information and schedules are available on


The main university campus is located at Ullandhaug, about a 10 minute drive via the E39 from the city centre, a 15 minute drive via the E39 from Sandnes, and a 15 minute drive from the Stavanger airport.

If driving from the city centre, take the exit towards Ullandhaug. From Sandnes/Sola, take the exit towards Madla.
Link to parking