Prelimenary program PROFRES Workshop, PhD course and generic courses 7-10 March 2016

Universitetet i Stavanger, campus Ullanhaug Universitetet i Stavanger, campus Ullanhaug

University of Stavanger Kjell Arholms hus
Monday 7 March 2016  


Room: KA U-138

Workshop theme: Implementation and implementation research

Background: In connection to the PhD course Implementation in complex practice fields of health, welfare and education- issues of epistemology, theory, methods and learning we wish to organize a pre-doctoral course workshop on the theme Implementation and implementation research.

PROFRES Workshop March 7, 2016 will focus on the implementation and can be seen as a preparation for the PhD course the following two days. We will work in groups where each PhD student is given the opportunity to reflect on the implementation opportunities of their own doctoral project, together with researchers working on implementation and implementation research. This time, you do not mail in abstract in advance. As a basis for discussion prepare instead some reflections and points related to your own project, and the implementation possibilities it has.

Plenary room: KA U-138
Group rooms: KA GR-120/121/122/123/124/125

Participants: PhD- candidates, supervisors, PROFRES partners with interest for the theme Implementation and implementation research.


  • to stimulate reflection and knowledge development related to possibilities to implement research findings from own project
  • to stimulate networking and debate on possible research collaboration regarding implementation of research etc.
  • to share ideas, research results, research questions, methodological issuesfocused on implementation

Draft programme

Monday 7 March 2016

12:00-13:00        Lunch - at room U-138
13:00-13:15        Plenary: Introduction to the workshop
13:15-15:00        Group activity I
15:00-15:30        Group activity II
15:30-16.00        Plenary: Summing up; all groups

PROFRES PhD course (5 ECTS)
University of Stavanger, Kjell Arholms hus 
Tuesday and Wednesday 8-9 March 2016
Room: KA U-138

PhD course title: Implementation in complex practice fields of health, welfare and education- issues of epistemology, theory, methods and learning

Background: Implementation is a word that is increasingly used in policy documents and research literature. In professional work today there are explicit requirement to use research results to develop sustainable solutions to complex practice-relevant problems and ultimately, if possible evaluate the effects. Although the implementation and implementation research is relatively new, there are now a number of concepts, terms and perspectives to relate to. This is important knowledge for future researchers in professions-oriented and practice-relevant research. The content of the course will address both theoretical foundations for the implementation research and empirical examples from the fields of health, welfare and education. Different concepts, models and implementation processes will be discussed, as well as the epistemological grounds. Of particular interest is learning in relation to change.

Tuesday 8 March 2016
Room: KA U-138

09:00-09:15        Welcome and practicalities Professor Febe Friberg

09:15-09:45        Introduction to Implementation and implementation research, Professor Britt Sætre Hansen, University of Stavanger

09:45-10:30        The philosophical foundations of implementation research, Professor Eivind Engebretsen, University of Oslo (Video-lecture)

10:30-10:45        Coffee/tea

10:45-11:45       Theory Use in Implementation Research, Professor Per Nilsen, Linköping University

11:45-12:45        Lunch

12:45-13:45        Implementation as sense-making and learning, Associate Professor Lars Klemsdal,
University of Stavanger 

13:45-14:45        Introduction to evidence-based practice and systematic reviews as a fundament of decision-making, Associate professor Birgitte Graverholt, Centre for Evidence-Based Practice, Bergen University College

14:45-15:00        Coffee/tea

15:00-16:00        Panel discussion with focus on the theme Theoretical foundations. Per Nilsen, Lars Klemdal, Birgitte Graverholt and Kristin Urstad participates


Wednesday 9 March 2016
Room: KA U-138

09:00-09:45       Practice example from health; Evidence-based implementation of instruction and counselling of patients who have undergone renal transplantation. Evaluation and monitoring of processes and results, Associate Professor Kristin Hjorthaug Urstad, University of Stavanger

10:00-10:45       Practice example from education; Design - and methodological challenges in research on implementation processes. Examples from the CIESL- project (Classroom interaction for enhanced student learning). Professor Sigrun Ertesvåg, University of Stavanger

10:45-11:00        Coffee/tea

11:00-11:45        Practice example from social work: Implementation of the NAV project, Associate Professor Lars Klemsdal, University of Stavanger                   

11:45-12:45        Lunch

12:45-13:45        Challenges in implementation, Professor Per Nilsen, Linköping University
13:45-14:00        Coffee/tea

14:00-14:45        Practicalities – evaluation/essay writing etc.

14:45-15:45      Panel discussion with focus on the theme Practice relevance
Per Nilsen, Lars Klemdal, Kristin Urstad participates

15:45-16:00        Summary, evaluation and closure

Work in progress and Academic practice (generic courses only for PROFRES candidates)
Thursday 10 March

Plenary room: KA U-138
Group rooms: KA GR-120/121/122/123/124/125

Topic for Academic Practice is How to write applications to the Norwegian Reseach Council,
Senior Adviser Yngvill Rådmannsøy Tømmerberg, NRC